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NOTE: anyone can attend this meeting regardless of their status as an AES member.
June Meeting Notice

Line Mixing for Musical Theatre
Lisa Finkral
Theatrical Sound Designer

Plato Auditorium
Digipen Institute of Technology
Wednesday, June 12th, 2019, 7:30PM

Lisa Finkral has been a professional audio engineer since 2006 and has been sound designing since 2012. She regularly subs at the Triple Door and has designed for Village Theatre Kidstage, The Hi-Liners Musical Theatre, Sound Theatre Company, and Showtunes Theatre Company. Favorite past designs include Goblin Market (Sound Theatre Company), Les Miserables (Village Theatre Kidstage), and Bridges of Madison County (Showtunes Theatre Company). When Lisa is not doing sound, she is a practicing attorney.

Line Mixing for Musical Theatre: Techniques, Tips, and Tricks
Line by line mixing (or “throwing a show” as it’s sometimes colloquially called) is a useful technique when mixing musical theatre to alleviate some of the issues inherent to the genre. This presentation will describe those issues, provide an introduction to the technique and also share some useful tips for executing the technique. 

2019 Officer and Committee Election

We hold our annual election at the June meeting. This year's slate has a number of distinguished members. Your task, as a member or associate member of AES, is to choose from that slate, those candidates who you believe will help create interesting and meaningful meetings for the 2019-2020 year. 

Election materials may be found at this Link. You can vote by mail or in person at the meeting.

Bob Moses
AES PNW 2018-2019 Section Chair

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