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[AES Pacific NW Section - Seatle USA]
Around the Puget Sound, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

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Roland Cloud and Gig Performer
The Continuing Evolution of the Virtual Studio

Presented By
Brandon Ryan - Roland
David Jameson - Gig Performer
The Pacific Northwest Section of the AES

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018, 7:30pm
The Guitar Store, 8300 Aurora Ave N., Seattle WA 98103

Directions to The Guitar Store

Over the course of decades, the audio community has focused their attention on the tape recorder and the evolutionary results have become the modern Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Increasingly, the common denominator in music making has been Virtual Studio Technology (VST) instruments and signal processing gear (a standard developed by Steinberg). See for more details.

Now, subscription services are starting to take over - many computer software licenses are maintained by a monthly payment. Roland Corporation, one of the best known brand names in synthesis, recently started a subscription service - Roland Cloud - which provides VST instruments modeled on (down to the resistor!) a large assortment of their classic synthesizers and other forward looking products.

One challenge Roland (and many other VST providers) have, is that in order to use these VST instruments, the subscriber has to have access and working knowledge of a DAW able to mount these instruments and use them before the instant gratification of actually playing and hearing them. The "tape recorder" has taken over the studio.

Enter Gig Performer - A VST host that provides direct and immediate access to these instruments - and any VST processor or utility. When you open Gig Performer, you see your audio and MIDI interfaces on a desktop with connection points. Right click and select the VST you wish to use, connect them up with your interfaces, and you are playing. Near instant performance gratification.

Come see us at The Guitar Store on February 21, 2018 at 7:30 for a full run down of the future of the virtual studio.


Brandon Ryan is the "Global Strategic Product Marketing Manager - Hi Tech" for Roland Corporation. He has been a product specialist with decades in the audio field, going back to Digital Audio Labs (CardD) in the 90s, Cakewalk and Sonar in the 00s, and has been with Roland since 2014. He'll present the past, present and future of performance and synthesis.

Dr. David Jameson was born at an early age and subsequently received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Trinity College, Dublin in Ireland and started his career at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Over a 13-year stretch where he was involved in such things as Screen Reader (enabling the visually disabled community to access computers), juggling robots, real-time programming languages, he eventually created the Computer Music Center which led to IBM's first foray into the consumer music world with a product called KidRiffs for children. He was also elected to the IBM Academy of Technology. In 1999 he resigned to create the first of several startups covering areas such as news and financial aggregation and anti-spam mail systems.

David is currently the co-founder of Deskew Technologies, LLC, a company that is focused on tools for musicians. He also tours in several bands where he gained a real understanding of the needs of performing musicians on stage. Their current product, Gig Performer, is aimed specifically at musicians involved in live performance on stage and in the studio.

Dan Mortensen
AES PNW 2017-2018 Section Chair

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