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September Meeting Notice
Rane's HAL Drag-n-Drop DSP Audio Architecture
Presented by
Steve Macatee - Rane Corporation

Thursday, September 17, 7:30pm
Shoreline Community College, Music Building Room 818, Shoreline, WA
Directions to Shoreline Community College

Drag-and-drop applies to far more than word processing and web surfing. In the world of programmable DSP, drag-n-drop is the key to a very well equipped audio shoppe, where everything is always in-stock and ready for use. Even better, this is nearly an all-you-can-eat deal, meaning that you can load up with signal processors and the price is always the same. We'll spend a bit of time showing you how this can make your life simpler and easier.

Then... have you ever wondered?
Why doesn't every audio device in the world supply an Ethernet or Dante port and you're done? Are there things audio-over-Ethernet cannot do that well-established digital audio formats can do better? Wouldn't you think updating firmware in an audio system would mean one click for the whole system, not one click and 8 minutes PER DEVICE in a serial fashion? How cool would it be if you never had to track or think about firmware versions in any vintage device? Why can't digital audio be just like analog: plug it in, it works. And not: plug it in, it works if the DHCP server is up, and the IP Address is correct, and the ports needed for audio and/or control are not being blocked by the network.

We'll look a little deeper into Rane's HAL DSP products and answer these and other questions about modern audio systems. With everything from AES3 to 512x512 proprietary & Dante Gigabit Ethernet capability, and the same software code that runs in both Windows and the Linux computer in the hardware, HAL is a highly mixed digital audio and control architecture under the hood. Oh, and we'll talk about why you'd call an audio system HAL, when HAL kills astronauts in the movies.

About the Presenter

Steve Macatee was born very young in Philadelphia. Then in 1986 he received a BS in Electronic Engineering from Monmouth College, New Jersey, USA. This is not too far from the armpit of the world, Elizabeth, NJ - but believe it or not, there is a valid reason New Jersey is called "The Garden State."

Steve has worked at Rane Corporation since 1987 in several capacities: from manufacturing; mechanical, interface & PCB design; in-house & product documentation; analog, digital, embedded systems and - luckily for everyone - not much GUI or DSP software design. After a decade in R&D Engineering, Steve underwent an Inverse Dilbert Transform and moved to Sales for 4 years as a technical and consultant/contractor liaison. He currently heads the New Product Development and Training department at Rane where he works to define new product & technology ideas.

Steve has been an instructor for audio workshops on Grounding and Audio Networking, has published papers on grounding and computer-controlled networked audio systems and enjoys getting out of the idealized lab and into the real world.

For fun, Steve enjoys music, great food, spending time with his most-excellent wife and attempting to be a musician with several jazz ensembles in the Seattle area. But, being a drummer, perhaps "musician" is not the proper word?

Chris Deckard
AES PNW 2015-2016 Section Chair

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