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Around the Puget Sound, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

NOTE: anyone can attend this meeting regardless of their status as an AES member.

Officers and Committee Yearly Election

Development of a Low Cost Programmable Microphone
Preamp Gain Control IC for Pro Audio Applications

Presented by
Gary K. Hebert
THAT Corporation
The Pacific Northwest Section of the AES

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016, 7:30pm
Shoreline Community College, Music Building, Rm 818
Directions to Shoreline CC

THAT Corporation, a manufacturer of integrated circuits for professional audio applications, has been manufacturing programmable gain control ICs for microphone preamplifiers since 2009. While these have been adopted in a wide variety of professional audio products, they were often too costly to be included into many higher volume and high channel count designs. THAT's CTO Gary Hebert will discuss the performance requirements for these ICs in the professional audio environment and describe the circuit topology changes and performance tradeoffs made during the development of a new low-cost gain control IC. He will also present performance data on the new device.

Please join us on Wednesday, June 29th for an enlightening and engaging presentation. Bring your questions!

Our Presenter:

Gary K. Hebert, CTO & Co-Founder, THAT Corporation

Mr. Hebert is a co-founder of THAT Corporation and a longtime audio-electronics enthusiast. He currently serves as THAT's Chief Technology Officer, spending the majority of his time defining and supervising the design of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits intended for use in the professional audio industry. He is credited with creating many of THAT's high-performance audio ICs, including the popular 218x series of VCAs, the 2162 Dual VCA, the 4320/4315/4305 Analog Engines®, the 1646/1606 Balanced Floating Line Drivers, and the 5171 and 5173 Preamplifier Controllers. He also continues to serve as an executive advisor to THAT's dbx-tv business unit.

Prior to founding THAT Corporation, Mr. Hebert was with dbx, Inc. from 1981 through 1989, where he held several positions, the last being Electrical Engineering Manger. He was responsible for a number of audio product designs marketed under the dbx, ADC, and Audio Dynamics brands. He also worked with semiconductor manufacturers on ICs used in the dbx Noise Reduction licensing program. He began his career at automated test equipment manufacturer Teradyne.

Mr. Hebert holds seven patents in the audio electronics field. He has authored and presented several papers for the Audio Engineering Society. He earned a BSEE from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1979.


Election time is here again. Unlike our national elections, ours is completely sedate by comparison; no robocalls, no candidates stumping the election trail, kissing babies and who knows what else... We announce in May, we elect in June. Since this is the June meeting, we will hold our annual election for the Section officers and half of the program committee. If you belong to the AES (member or associate), then you can vote in our election, and we need your attendance to ensure that we have a quorum.

Follow this link to see the slate of candidates and their bios: 2016 Election Slate

We Want YOU!

This is YOUR opportunity to give back to your Section. There are five committee seats that elect each year, and several vacancies. Of course vacancy or not, you can toss your hat into the ring. In addition, the Section Officers positions also re-elect at this time, however we ask that candidates for the Chair and ViceChair positions have previously served on the Section Committee.

The officers and section committee produce the meetings that you attend. Meeting topics come from the officer/committee group, as well as from you, our Audience. Sometimes a meeting topic just falls into our laps (like this month's meeting). Sometimes we have to rustle the bushes to see what we can make fall out. It's fun, and it keeps us on our toes. We meet via email rather than trying to coordinate everyone's schedule so that we can congregate somewhere.

If you are not a member (or associate), you may still run, however you must become a member after winning the position. You may nominate yourself, now or at the June Election, or you can ask someone to nominate you.

More Info

Summer Road Trip?

Note from Rick Chinn:
well, it's almost summer. I think we got a collective yawn on the concept of renting a bus to go to Portland to visit Cascade Record Pressing (CRP). Besides, the whole thing was far too complicated. I got asked at the May meeting about where this was headed, and it got me thinking (again). So, how about we pick a date in July or August that works for CRP and us, and we caravan down I5 to Portland. Each car bears its own costs. It'll take a day; more if you want to hang in PDX and do something; that's your choice.

Speak up now. I think a dozen responses will get me spurred onto the next step (finding a mutually acceptable date). I think a weekday would be best, maybe Saturday.
--rick chinn

Chris Deckard
AES PNW 2015-2016 Section Chair

n.b. The material presented at our meetings is the opinion of the presenter and not necessarily that of the Society. You are encouraged to conduct your own research and to form your own opinions before adopting the presented material as Truth.

Our meetings are open to anyone interested in Audio. AES membership is NOT required for you to attend our meetings.

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Aurika Hays, Membership
Rick Chinn, Webmaster
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