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May Meeting Notice

Online Webinar
3D Audio

Presented by
Brian Schmidt - Digipen Institute of Technology
The AES Pacific Northwest Section

A livestream webinar (using Zoom).
Wednesday, May 27th 2020, 4:00PM (Pacific TZ, GMT -7)

This talk is in two parts. The first part considers the traditional science of 3D hearing, with a contrast made with the visual system. The second part explores the inherent limitations of a physics/DSP approach, and some of the other elements that are hard (impossible) to solve by 'just throwing a bunch of DSP at it.'

Audio is a sometimes overlooked and often misunderstood element of the VR/AR/XR experience. This session will cover the theory, practice and limitations of 3D hearing for augmented and virtual reality systems as well as some brief history of commercially deployed 3D audio systems. Better understanding the limits not only of current 3D audio technologies but also human hearing perception itself can lead to greatly improved VR/AR/XR experiences, and reduce frustrations all around.

About our Presenter

Brian Schmidt is a consultant and 32 year veteran of the game and interactive audio industry. The recipient of the 2008 Game Audio Network Guild Lifetime Achievement Award, he has worked as both a composer/sound designer and audio technologist, working with clients worldwide including Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Electronic Arts, Magic Leap and more. He has been working with 3D audio in particular for three decades beginning as a student at Northwestern University where he received bachelors degrees in both Music and Computer Science and a Masters in Computer Music. In the 90's he designed the QSound "Q1"chip, the first real-time 3D audio arcade chip used by Capcom of Japan; as the program manager for the Xbox audio team at Microsoft, he helped design 3D audio technology into the original Xbox game console. In 2012, he developed a mobile 3D audio-based game, Ear Monsters, using spatial sound as the primary gameplay mechanic. Today he continues to consult for companies such as Magic Leap on 3D audio technology as well as actively compose for games such as Game of Thrones Pinball and Mutant Football League. Brian is also a speaker and educator and is and the Founder and Executive Director of GameSoundCon, the largest professional conference on audio for Games and Virtual Reality. Brian currently sits on the Game Developers Conference Advisory Board and has served as President of the Game Audio Network Guild since 2012. An avid pinball fan, he was inducted into the Pinball Expo Hall of Fame in 2017 for his work in music and sound design.

Brian received undergraduate degrees in music and computer science from Northwestern University, where he created the dual degree program between the School of Music and the Technological Institute. He went on to complete his master's degree in computer applications in music in 1987, and portions of his thesis work appeared in Computer Music Journal. Brian also presented his thesis work, by invitation, to the Audio Engineering Society (AES) special conference on audio technology. Brian is a frequent and in-demand speaker, as well as the founder and executive director of GameSoundCon, the largest professional conference on game music and sound design. Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer at DigiPen Institute in Redmond.


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Greg Dixon
AES PNW 2019-2020 Section Chair

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