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Around the Puget Sound, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

The Science of Turntablism

Presented by
Jamie Simmonds, Steve Macatee & Steve Turnidge
The Pacific Northwest Section of the AES

Wednesday, February 8th 2017, 7:30pm
Shoreline Community College Room 818 (music building)
Directions to Shoreline CC

Manipulating a turntable has come a long way: from the simple crossfades of radio and wedding DJs of yore and the recent audiophile vinyl resurgence, to today's mature turntablist art form. Advanced turntable performances have been evolving for decades from the 1970's old school, to today's modern Hip Hop, and beyond.

This meeting focuses on Turntablism - the art of using turntables and a mixer as an instrument. Jamie Simmonds will demonstrate turntablism, such as manipulating live and recorded audio through a few short performances. Jamie performed three long-running Hip Hop shows Off-Broadway. He then toured the world, selling out large venues including the Sydney Opera House. He'll review the incredible history of turntablism and, as a group, we'll explain the amazingly advanced technology and DJ/human mechanics surrounding modern scratch DJing in particular. Turntablist DJs have infiltrated all music genres from A Capella to Zydeco.

Steve Macatee will share his intimate knowledge of the technical product evolution of DJ mixers, USB Audio and control vinyl from his 29 years in product development at Rane Corporation. We'll even talk about manipulating video using vinyl records.

Steve Turnidge is past chair of the PNW AES Section, a mastering engineer, author and PCB designer, who also worked at Rane for 11 years, and will moderate the evening.

Let Us Hear Your Music!

We've decided that although we talk a lot at our meetings about how to better record and play back music, we never play any when we are together. We invite you to bring your own music to share with the group at each meeting.

There are two listening opportunities: 30 minutes before the meeting, and 15-20 minutes at the intermission/break.

The music can be something that you recorded, or played on, or someone else's material that you enjoy. We (Rick & Dan) reserve the right to adjust the volume and EQ of all music while it's being played. Ideally you would create a special version of the material that fades or ends at the requisite time. We will provide a stereo playback system (no subs) and a CD player, but any other format needs to have its own hardware and terminate in a pair of 1/4" tip-sleeve phone plugs.

At the conclusion, you have about a minute to describe what we just heard.

Interested? Contact Rick Chinn to let him know in advance that you want the slot, and tell him which one. The 2nd person to reply gets the remaining slot, whichever one it is. 3rd and 4th should bring their music to the meeting in case of a no-show. You can ask for both slots. There are other details. They and other terms and conditions can be found here.

Dan Mortensen
AES PNW 2016-2017 Section Chair

n.b. The material presented at our meetings is the opinion of the presenter and not necessarily that of the Society. You are encouraged to conduct your own research and to form your own opinions before adopting the presented material as Truth.

Our meetings are open to anyone interested in Audio. AES membership is NOT required for you to attend our meetings.
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