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[AES Pacific NW Section - Seattle USA]

AES PNW Section
2018 Election of Officers and Committee

At our June meeting, we will hold our annual elections for the officers and committee positions that form the backbone of our AES section. The committee is in charge of actively planning all logistics for our meetings and activities.


We need a quorum of 15 members to certify the election. You can vote by one of two ways:
  • Attending the June Meeting and casting your vote in person.
  • Voting by mail by downloading and printing the election ballot (right-click the link) and mail it to the address shown on the Ballot. Be sure to put your membership number on the front of the envelope (in the return address or in the lower left corner). This needs to be RECEIVED by June 18, 2018, so that it can be counted on June 20. Full and Associate AES members of the PNW Section can vote in this election.
NOTE: The address for the ballots is a PO Box. Click on the ballot link to see the address.

For purposes of the quorum, it shall be the sum of the voting members present at the meeting and those members who voted by mail. If we do not have a quorum at the June meeting, then the election shall be conducted by mail.

  • Officers hold their positions for one year.
  • Committee positions are for two years. There are 10 positions, 5 of them elect every year to ensure continuity in the committee.
  • Members and Associate members of the PNW Section may vote.
  • Nominations can also be made from the floor at the meeting, or (preferably) submitted in advance to section chair.
Our section's Mission Statement can be found at this LINK.

More about Elections BALLOT

Slate of Candidates and Biographical Information

  • Chair — Bob Moses
    Bob Moses currently serves as the Executive Director of our Society. Prior to that, he served a 12 year sentence on the AES Board of Governors, having served in 2008-2009 as President and as Western Region Vice President before that. Prior to becoming Executive Director of AES, Bob worked for THAT Corporation, Digital Harmony, and Rane Corporation. Bob promises to behave himself if the PNW Section makes him its Chair in 2018-2019.
  • Vice Chair — Steve Turnidge
    Steve Turnidge is a noted mastering engineer at UltraViolet Studios with hundreds of albums and thousands of licensed music tracks to his credit, and author of the books Desktop Mastering and Beyond Mastering, published by Hal Leonard. With over 30 years experience in the Pro Audio electronics industry, he specializes in mixed digital and analog printed circuit board design. In addition, Steve has expertise in all aspects of electronics manufacturing, including assembly, mechanical, cosmetic, logo and ergonomic design.

    Steve taught a year of Audio Recording at Shoreline Community College, and designs the audio and interface PCBs for a broad variety of companies. He is past Chair of the PNW Section of the Audio Engineering Society and a past Governor of The Recording Academy. Steve co-founded Burning Sky Records (as producer, art director, and mastering engineer) as well as Shared Media Licensing (with the role of content evangelist).

  • Secretary — Gary Louie / University of Washington, School of Music
    Gary has been the recording engineer for the University of Washington School of Music since 1979, previously earning his BSEE at the UW. He has served as AES PNW Section Chair, Vice Chair, Committee, and most recently, Secretary since 1993. Gary is also the co-author, with Glenn White, of the Audio Dictionary 3rd Ed.
  • Treasurer — Lawrence Schwedler
    Lawrence Schwedler has worked in the video game industry as a composer, sound designer and audio director for twenty years. In 1993 he graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in classical guitar and electronic music from UCLA, where he was a founding member of the Modern Arts Guitar Quartet. From 1999 to 2012 he served as audio director for Nintendo Software Technology, where he co-authored two U.S. patents for adaptive music and audio. In August 2012, he left Nintendo to direct the new undergraduate programs in music and sound design at the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond.

Section Committee (alphabetical order) There are 5 committee positions open, and 7 people vying to fill those positions. The top 5 vote getters are elected to fill the Committee positions.

  • Bill Gibson
    Bill Gibson is president of Northwest Music and Recording, Inc. and has spent the last 35 years writing, recording, producing, and teaching music. As an audio professional and active sound engineer, Bill has developed unique insights into the techniques and procedures that produce extremely high quality audio, both in the recording studio and in live performances. He is the author of more than 35 books and videos, and his writings are acclaimed for their straightforward and understandable explanations of audio concepts and applications.

    As an author, developmental editor, and communications and training specialist for Hal Leonard Corporation, Gibson has written and produced a wide range of instructional content under his own name (The Hal Leonard Recording Method, The Ultimate Live Sound Operators Handbook, and many more) and alongside some of the music industry’s most iconic professionals including: Quincy Jones (Q on Producing), Bruce Swedien (The Bruce Swedien Recording Method), Dave Pensado (The Pensado Papers), Sylvia Massy (Recording Unhinged), Alan Parsons (The Art and Science of Recording), Al Schmitt (Al Schmitt On the Record), Ed Cherney (in production), and many more.

    As a two-term National Trustee, a member of the National Advisory Committee for the Producers & Engineers Wing and the Planning & Governance Committee, and as a Governor for the Pacific Northwest Chapter of The Recording Academy, Gibson advocates for the benefit of music producers, technicians, and performers locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. He also authored Recommendations for High-Resolution Music Production for the Producers & Engineers Wing along with committee members Leslie Ann Jones, Chuck Ainlay, Bob Ludwig, Rick Plushner, and Phil Wagner.

  • Dave Gross
    Dave Gross is currently serving as Vice President for the Pacific NW Chapter of The Recording Academy. He has been an audio-post-mixer / composer / sound designer at Microsoft since 1998, and has owned HelldogMusic since 2005. Dave is an esteemed composer, arranger, keyboardist, producer, and audio-postproduction mix engineer. He was part of the music team behind the 2014 Grammy® Award-Winning Best New Age album Winds of Samsara.

    His music and mixing have been featured in countless TV ads and jingles, corporate videos, and production library music CDs, as well as Windows 7 User Interface Sounds. Dave has served as Co-Chair of the PNW Producers and Engineers Wing, as well as the National P&E Wind Advisory Council, which ignited his passion for Academy service. He brings strong enthusiasm for membership diversity, mentoring Grammy U students, and pursuing national advocacy initiatives that support musicians' livelihoods.

  • Steve Kirk
    In addition to teaching guitar, bass, music theory and composition, Steve composes music for multi-media, and runs Steve Kirk Studios based out of Seattle, Washington.

    Notable projects include:

    • A score for Thimbleweed Park, created by game designer Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion), a dark, point-and-click adventure in the retro style of the classic Lucas Arts adventure games. The Kickstarter campaign for this project was hugely successful, and nearly doubled the asking production budget. Released in Spring 2017 for XBox One, Speed and PC platforms. Steve's score is contemporary, haunting, and occasionally humorous. PC Gamer included Steve's music in its article, Listen to the best PC music of the year so far, and Push Play awarded the score Top of the PS4 Pops in September of this year; developer Terrible Toybox got an absolutely killer soundtrack from Steve Kirk...a cohesively eclectic delight...
    • Voodoo Vince Remastered — After 13 years, one of Steve's first game projects, Voodoo Vince, gets a makeover. It includes over three hours of original music including a re-orchestrated piece from the original and a new piece in the same vein. Released April 18, 2017 on Xbox One and Windows platforms.
    • Other projects include music for the iOS releases Skurvy Skallywags for Beep Games, Cookie Jam for SGN/Jam City, Cantina music for the Star Wars MMOL game The Old Republic, music for the Disney game version of The Princess and the Frog, and the FarmVille Theme for Zynga.
  • Glenn Lorbecki
    Numbered among the top 50 influential forces in Seattle music by Seattle Sound Magazine, producer/engineer/composer and business owner Glenn Lorbecki established his career with such diverse artists as the Violent Femmes, Dizzy Gillespie, Dr. John, the White Stripes, Dave Matthews, Regina Spektor, Green Day, Weezer, and Coldplay. As a studio and production company owner (Glenn Sound, Inc.), he has engineered multi-Platinum and GRAMMY® nominated albums, and TV/film/game soundtracks. He is part of the EMMY® and TEC award-winning GRAMMY telecast audio team on CBS, and his immersive audio work is on exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles.

    Lorbecki is an instructor at the University of Washington, receiving an "Excellence in Education" award, and has written a series of books on audio production published by Hal Leonard. His volunteer leadership activities include AES Financial Planning and Recording Technology and Practices Committees, SPARS board, GRAMMY P&E, and UW Advisory Board service, and he has served the Recording Academy since 1999 as Governor, Chapter President, Trustee, P&E national co-chair, and two terms as national Secretary/Treasurer, with continuous service on the Finance Committee since 2004.

  • Dana Olson
    Dana was raised in Shoreline, and currently resides in Kirkland WA. He enjoys home loudspeaker design and other projects related to audio, 3-D printing, RC planes, sawdust and soldering. On occasion he runs the sound board at Inglewood Presbyterian Church. Dana earned both BS and MS degrees in Aeronautical Engineering from the U of W. He worked as a flight control engineer at Boeing on the fly by wire 777 airplane. He designed firmware and digital signal processing filters for ECG measurement in defibrillator and heart monitor products at Physio Control (Medtronic). Most recently Dana worked on the design of signal processing methods related to capacitive touch screens for Cypress Semiconductor and Parade Technologies.

  • Brian Schmidt
    Brian Schmidt has been creating music, sound, and audio technology for games since 1987. Brian has a credits list of over 130 games for companies such as Sony, Electronic Arts, Capcom, Sega, Microsoft, Zynga, Namco, and many others. Brian spent 10 years at Microsoft as the primary audio architect for the Xbox team, where he was responsible for technologies such as XMA and XACT. He also created the boot sound for the original Xbox.

    Brian received undergraduate degrees in music and computer science from Northwestern University, where he created the dual degree program between the School of Music and the Technological Institute. He went on to complete his master's degree in computer applications in music in 1987, and portions of his thesis work appeared in Computer Music Journal. Brian also presented his thesis work, by invitation, to the Audio Engineering Society (AES) special conference on audio technology. Brian is a frequent and in-demand speaker, as well as the founder and executive director of GameSoundCon, the largest professional conference on game music and sound design. Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer at DigiPen Institute in Redmond.

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