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Past Event: "Jobs in Audio (Where's My Coffee?)"

March 13, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Location: NYU's Steinhardt Studios 35 West 4th St 6th Floor New York, NY 10003-4595, and the Institute of Audio Research, 64 University Place, Room 33, New York, NY 10003-4595

Moderated by: Jonathan S. Abrams, Nutmeg Post

Speaker(s): David Bialik: Streaming Engineer, CBS Radio / CBS Local; Jack Cote: Product Manager, iZotope; Howard Schwartz: Consultant, owner of the legendary HSRNY studios, Dan Gaydos: Host at IAR

 Is your entry into the audio workforce imminent? Are you still in an audio-centric program and want to get ahead of your peers? Then attend this meeting and gain insights from those in different areas of the business.

What do people look for in prospective interns? What do they expect interns to walk away with when their internship is finished? Does interning give you an advantage over others when trying to get an assistant position?

If you have already completed an internship, then what do people look for in prospective hires? What is the progression beyond an internship or being an assistant? What skills are emerging as important to have?

The audio business changes regularly. How have things changed over time? How have they stayed the same? What things are not taught in the classroom that can only be learned by actually being involved in the workplace?

If you attend this meeting, you will hear these questions and others addressed. Take notes and bring your CV.   

This meeting will have a joint teleconference link between NYU and the Institute of Audio Research. 

Posted: Sunday, March 9, 2014

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