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Journal of the AES - July/August 2017, Vol 65 Issue 7/8

This issue includes:
Paper: Listener Preferences for Alternative Dynamic-Range-Compressed Configurations
Paper: Database Matching of Sparsely Measured Head-Related Transfer Functions
Paper: Supervised Emotion Recognition in Vocal Samples
Paper: The Emotional Characteristics of Bowed String Instruments
Paper: Improvement of Externalization by Listener and Source Movement
Engineering Report: Measuring Loudspeaker Cones with a Laser Doppler Vibrometer
Engineering Report: How Mastering Engineers Perceive Hyper-Compression
Feature: Sonification, Assistive Listening, and Soundscapes
Standards and Information Documents
142nd Convention Report, Berlin
143rd Convention Preview, New York
Call for Contributions: AES@NAMM (Anaheim)
Call for Contributions: 144th Convention (Milan)
Call for Papers for JAES Special Issue: Augmented and Participatory Sound and Music Interaction Using Semantic Audio
Call for Papers for JAES Special Issue: High-Resolution Audio
Section News, Conventions and Conferences, etc.

Posted on August 15, 2017 at 4:00:00 PM EDT

Journal of the AES - June 2017, Vol 65 Issue 6

This issue includes:
Paper: Using Virtual Artificial Heads for Binaural Reproduction
Paper: Robust Acoustic Contrast Control in Personal Audio Systems
Paper: Creating Music Thumbnail Segments for Radio Podcasting
Paper: Musical Instrument Radiation Characteristics in Sound Field Synthesis
Engineering Report: Evaluating and Optimizing Acoustic Transparency of Electrostatic Loudspeakers
Engineering Report: Controlling the Dialog Channels in 22.2 Multichannel Broadcasting
Feature: Binaural Audio and Virtual Acoustics
Standards and Information Documents
2017 Sound Reinforcement Conference Preview, Struer
2017 Automotive Audio Conference Preview, San Francisco
Section News, Book Reviews, etc.

Posted on June 27, 2017 at 4:00:00 PM EDT

Journal of the AES - May 2017, Vol 65 Issue 5

This issue includes:
Paper: Modeling the Perceptual Characteristics of Loudspeaker Reproduction
Paper: Emulating an Acoustic Violin with Real-Time Signal Processing
Paper: Separating Singing Voice from Background Music Using Spectrogram Decomposition
Engineering Report: A Database of Room Impulse Responses Using Subwoofers
Engineering Report: Operational Amplifier with Low Distortion and Noise
Engineering Report: A Signal Processing Toolbox for Analyzing Musical Vibrato
Feature: Real-World Perception
2017 Audio Forensics Conference Preliminary Program, Arlington
2017 Semantic Audio Conference Preliminary Program, Erlangen
Section News, Book Reviews, etc.

Posted on May 26, 2017 at 4:00:00 PM EDT

Journal of the AES - April 2017, Vol 65 Issue 4

This issue includes:
Paper: Speech Enhancement Based on Psychoacoustic Masking
Paper: Binaural Speech Intelligibility Prediction Based on Mutual Information
Paper: Personalized Object-Based Audio for Hearing Impaired TV Listeners
Paper: Difficulty in Distinguishing Low-Arousal Music Emotions
Engineering Report: Quality Control of Electret Condenser Microphone Manufacturing
Feature: Broadcast and Streaming
2017 Audio Forensics Conference Preview, Arlington
2017 Semantic Audio Conference Preview, Erlangen
Section News, Book Reviews, etc.

Posted on April 28, 2017 at 4:00:00 PM EDT

Journal of the AES - March 2017, Vol 65 Issue 3

This issue includes:
Paper: Sound-Source Localization on Flat-Panel Loudspeakers
Paper: Training Influences the Externalization of Binaural Synthesis
Paper: Off-Center Listening with Third-Order Ambisonics
Paper: Elicitation of Perceptual Differences Between Spatial Audio Reproduction Methods
Paper: Analysis of Listener Preference for Various Spatial Audio Reproduction Methods
Engineering Report: Loudspeaker Arrays for Personal Audio in an Automobile
Engineering Report: Preserving Log-Frequency Symmetry with Fractional-Octave Smoothing
142nd Convention Preview, Berlin
Feature: Loudspeakers: Directivity, Distortion, Modeling
Technology Trends in Audio Engineering
143rd Convention, New York, Call for Contributions
Section News, Obituaries, etc.

Posted on March 14, 2017 at 4:00:00 PM EDT

Journal of the AES - January/February 2017, Vol 65 Issue 1/2

This special issue on Dereverberation and Reverberation of Audio, Music, and Speech includes:
Paper: Multichannel Wiener Filters Improve Speech Intelligibility in Binaural and Bilateral Hearing Aids
Paper: A General Framework for Sparsity-Based Multichannel Speech Dereverberation
Paper: Using Speech Preprocessing to Improve Speech Intelligibility in Reverberant Environments
Paper: Spatial Reverberation and Dereverberation using a Multiple-Input Multiple-Output System
Paper: Using Machine Learning to Automate Artificial Reverberation Parameters
Paper: Representing and Synthesizing Reverberation within Object-Based Frameworks
Paper: Using Finite Volume Models of Viscothermal Losses and Frequency-Dependent Boundaries in Simulating Room Acoustics
Paper: Nonintrusive Estimation of Speech Clarity Index for Room Acoustics
Paper: Preference for Artificial Reverberation and Delay Time Parameters
Paper: Perceptual Evaluation and Analysis of Reverberation in Multitrack Music Production
Paper: Dereverberation Using Robust Acoustic Multichannel Equalization
Engineering Report: A Perceptual Assessment Method for Automotive Audio
Feature: Rolling out AES67
Call for Contributions: 2017 International Conference on Automotive Audio, San Francisco
Call for Contributions: 143rd Convention, New York
Section News, Book Reviews, Annual Report, etc.

Posted on February 16, 2017 at 4:00:00 PM EST

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