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AES Call for Comments on Technical Requirements for Media Network Directories and Services has been extended

The Call for Comments on Technical Requirements for Media Network Directories and Directory Related Services has been extended through February 2018.

From this document, and the comments received on it, the AES Task Group on AES-X238, Media network directory architecture will develop a set of requirements for media network directory standards that will work with present and future media networks over a wide range of application domains. Interested parties are encouraged to submit general and specific comments, proposed additions or changes, and responses to the specific questions it poses.

Media network directories are application-layer mechanisms that collect, store and disseminate information about devices, application services, and other elements of media networks. They are used for connection management, network supervision, and other purposes.
The standard that will result from this document will be aimed at directory standards that specify:
• Registration, query, and administration protocols;
• Security mechanisms;
• Directory data model;
• Query language and related semantics; and
• Scalability strategies by defining both peer-to-peer and server-supported modes.
Although directories are used by connection management mechanisms, such mechanisms are not addressed in this document. In this context, "connection management" means the protocols and processes in a media network by which signal flows are set up, monitored, and taken down.
Responses should be submitted by February 15, 2018

Download a copy of the document here

Posted on December 12, 2017 at 6:00:00 AM EST

Loudness Guidelines for OTT and OVD Content to become an AES Recommended Practice

The AGOTTVS group has requested that the AES Standards Committee consider elevation of TD1006: Loudness Guidelines for OTT and OVD Content (Oct 2017) to an AES Standard, Recommended Practice.

This work has been assigned to the Task Group SC-02-12-P led by Jim Starzynski.  The new document scope is:

This AES document addresses OTT and OVD Loudness challenges by leveraging already established Over-the-Air Television practices, providing new guidelines focused on the Loudness and Content Dynamic Range for connected set-top and mobile devices. When followed, these guidelines will:

·         Provide consistent Loudness across different Programs, service providers and advertising Content

·         Provide appropriate playback Loudness Range for different devices and listening conditions

·         Prevent excessive Peak Limiting or other processing from degrading the audio quality

·         Preserve the artistic intent of wide Content Dynamic Range (movies, drama, live music)

·         Improve the listening experience

Interested parties are invited to download the original Technical Council document, review it and send their comments to the Task Group chair.  Interested individuals are also encouraged to participate in the groups work.


Download a copy of the document here

Posted on December 12, 2017 at 6:00:00 AM EST

Digital Production Buzz program on standards

 The August 31, 2017 edition of Digital Production Buzz program was on standards for the media industry.  One of the interviews profiled the Audio Engineering Society Standards organization. 

As they explain on their web site:

Tonight, we meet some of the key standards organizations in the media industry. These are the folks that create the specs that allow all our gear and software to work together. They also determine the direction of our industry by setting the ground rules for future technology. Join us for a fascinating look “behind the scenes!

Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Howard Lukk, Rich Cabot, Bill Hayes, Mark Harrison, and James DeRuvo.

·                        SMPTE: Driving the Media Industry Forward

·                        AES: All Things Audio

·                        DPP: Enabling Full Digital Media Distribution

·                        IEEE: Advancing Technology Globally

·                        The Weekly DoddleNEWS Update

Listen to the program here

Posted on September 4, 2017 at 6:00:00 AM EDT

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