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Auditory Illusions

Note: All of the printed versions of these Journal issues have been sold, but you can still purchase a downloadable PDF version below for immediate enjoyment.

  • DIGITIZATION OF AUDIO: A COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION OF THEORY, IMPLEMENTATION, AND CURRENT PRACTICE, VOL. 26, NO. 10. The 1978 October issue of the Journal features the internationally referenced tutorial paper by Barry A. Blesser on analog-to-digital conversion. Implementation questions are also examined.
  • AUDITORY ILLUSIONS AND AUDIO, VOL. 31, NO. 9. Edited by Diana Deutsch. The 1983 September issue of the Journal, devoted to paradoxes in human audio perception, explores auditory illusions from varied viewpoints.
  • SHIELDS AND GROUNDS: SAFETY, POWER MAINS, STUDIO, CABLE AND EQUIPMENT, (special excerpt) The June 1995 issue of the Journal was a definitive and comprehensive collection of information on this important topic. The seven papers by Neil Muncy and other experts in the field have been reprinted into a convenient guide for designers and practitioners.
  • COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE...THE AES: 50 YEARS OF CONTRIBUTIONS TO AUDIO ENGINEERING, VOL. 46, NO. 1/2 The 1998 January/February issue of the Journal, assembled by Guest Editor John Bubbers, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the AES. It covers the founding, development, and internationalization of the Society and includes an impressive group of review papers on the essential technologies in the audio field. It is an indispensable contribution to any audio library.

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