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So Shiiba

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  • Recording Industry - Music Recording/Mix Studio

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  • Researcher


Hi! I'm So Shiiba from Japan.
I was master student in Tokyo Univ. of the Arts and my research was 'How to record 3D Audio?' and suggested the way to record as 3D Audio in my master paper.
Now, I work at Sound-Inn Studios as assistant recording engineer (in Japan, assistant operate ProTools, and recording engineer concentrate sounds.)
Our recording studio has 2 large studios for orchestra, and 2 for vocal dub., 1 mixing room, and 2 studios for dialog. One of largest recording studio in Japan.
If you want to keep in touch with me, please mail me!
Thank you for reading my profile.

Non-AES Awards & Award Nominations

*Acanthus Prize of Graduated school (as principal of a research area, Tokyo Univ. of the Arts.) / March 2017.

Education Background

Graduate Tokyo Univ. of the Arts and complete Graduated School, Tokyo Univ. of the Arts.
My research area was "the Creativity of Music and Sound."
Master thesis: "Spatial Impression of Reverberation from the Upper Hemisphere of 3D Recordings in Concert Halls."
*in this thesis, I investigated the influence of recording position in 3D audio recording using simulated stimuli (changes delay time and volume.) Upper reverberation effects vertical listeners envelopment and that related by Limit of the law of the First wave front.

In school days, I do many recording for submitting to competition, and many concert recording held in inside and outside of school.
I can play the Piano, Cello, Clarinet (a little,) Viola-da-Gamba, Ukulele.

Employment History

Work at Sound Inn Studios(2017-)

Why Am I An AES Member?

To know many knowledge of sounds, and to make many friends who always think the sound.

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