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Alan Haigh

Alan Haigh

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  • Educational Institutions - Educator
  • Recording Industry - Music Recording/Mix Studio
  • Recording Industry - Music Recording/Mix Studio
  • Recording Industry - Film/Video Sound
  • Broadcasting - Television Sound

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  • Educator
  • Consultant
  • Sound Contractor/Installer
  • Systems Designer
  • Technician


I worked as a technical engineer at CTS, and Britannia Row Studios. I went freelance in 1997 and have since been responsible for technical support at some of the worlds largest film premieres such as 'Spiderman', 'Casino Royale', several 'Harry Potter's and 'Mamma Mia'.

In 2008 I installed a new sound system at the Norwegian Film Institute using a Yamaha DME64N processor. This unit has since become the standard in Norway. In 2011 I aligned every cinema screen in and around Oslo as part of their digital upgrade programme.

I have installed studios for David Arch (Strictly Come Dancing), Colin Towns (Midsomer Murders), "Wix" Wickens (Paul McCartney), and Technicolor Lab's optical transfer suite, and I now work at the University of Surrey as a tutor and support engineer in the studios of the Institute of Sound Recording

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