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Mariana Lopez

Mariana Lopez

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Audio Fields:

  • Recording Industry - Post Production
  • Recording Industry - Film/Video Sound
  • Recording Industry - Location Sound Recording
  • Broadcasting - Studio
  • Broadcasting - On-location
  • Broadcasting - Television Sound
  • Live Sound - Church Sound
  • Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Hearing - Architectural Acoustics

Job Duties:

  • Researcher
  • Educator
  • Sound Designer
  • Other: Acoustical Heritage; Sound Design and Accessibility


Mariana is a researcher in the fields of acoustical heritage and sound design.

AES Awards

In 2019, Mariana Lopez was presented with the AES Board of Governors Award in recognition of co-chairing the 146th AES Convention in Dublin.

Education Background

Mariana has a background in music and sound design. Her MA dissertation focussed on exploring the creation of a new format of sonic art entitled 'audio film' that may be considered as an alternative to Audio Description. In 2013 she completed her PhD at the University of York on the importance of acoustical studies to further our understanding of the York Mystery Plays.

She leads the Enhancing Audio Description project which looks into how sound design techniques and binaural audio can be used to make films accessible to visually impaired audiences.

Employment History

Mariana is currently a Lecturer in Sound Production and Postproduction at the University of York.

She's also the Chair of the AES British section.

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