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Sound Board: High-Resolution Audio - October 2015

Synchronized Swept-Sine: Theory, Application, and Implementation - October 2015

Effect of Microphone Number and Positioning on the Average of Frequency Responses in Cinema Calibration - October 2015
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Justin Davis

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Audio Fields:

  • Recording Industry - Post Production
  • Recording Industry - Music Recording/Mix Studio
  • Recording Industry - Film/Video Sound
  • Recording Industry - Game Audio
  • Recording Industry - Location Sound Recording
  • Libraries, Governments, Cultural Institutions - Archive/Restoration
  • Libraries, Governments, Cultural Institutions - Forensics
  • Educational Institutions - Educator

Job Duties:

  • Engineer
  • Educator
  • Forensics
  • Mixer
  • Production Sound Mixer/Sound Recordist
  • Recording Engineer
  • Sound Designer
  • Technician


I was the first Vice Chair of the Student Delegate Assembly for North and South America and the second Chair of the SDA for North and South America.
I have since moved on to be an audio engineer in Denver, CO and I have worked on projects ranging from surround sound for planetariums, to music recordings, and commercial advertisements.


Rocky Mountain Records
1250 West Cedar Avenue
Denver, CO 80223
Office Phone:

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