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Charlie Slee

Charlie Slee

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  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Hardware
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Software
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Semiconductors
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Research & Development

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  • Manufacturer
  • Designer
  • DSP Engineer
  • Engineer
  • Hardware Designer
  • Owner/Director
  • Sales/Marketing Person
  • Software Engineer


Charlie is an electrical engineer, product designer, and social activist. For the past 14 years he has been heavily interested and involved in analogue electronic design, designing valve and semiconductor recording and consumer audio equipment.

Like all good designers, his journey began with various degrees of electrocution followed by various degrees in Audio and Electrical Engineering. Charlie cut his teeth designing valve amplifiers and small signal HiFi products before working as an engineer at acclaimed manufacturers and designers Thermionic Culture, making the highest calibre valve studio equipment
Charlie left Thermionic Culture to study for a MSc in Sound and Music Computing from Queen Mary University of London which reafirmed his love for analogue circuitry. He subsequently founded Big Bear Audio, designing pro and consumer audio products with a mission to avoid DSP at all costs.

Since Charlie has joined the AES he has served on the Committee and as Chair of the British Section. During this time, he spearheaded the move for the British Section to transition back under the umbrella of the Global Society, created a new website format for the Regions (completion mid-2018), organised the Society's alignment with the UN Women #HeForShe campaign with Dr Mariana Lopez, and helped form the #HeForShe committee supporting gender equality within the Society and our industry as a whole.

Charlie also likes to drink wine and listen to records - both are not mutually inclusive but it helps.

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