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Juan Carlos Sotelo

Juan Carlos Sotelo

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  • Recording Industry - Music Recording/Mix Studio
  • Recording Industry - Home/Project Studio
  • Recording Industry - Mastering Studio
  • Recording Industry - Game Audio
  • Educational Institutions - Educator
  • Educational Institutions - Student

Job Duties:

  • Mixer
  • Editor
  • Engineer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Sound Designer
  • Student


Audio Engineer graduate from SAE Mexico City.

I will never stop studying, I believe this is the best part of life. Always learn. I love new challenges, things I have never done. I love tracking and mixing.

I am researching music and sound aesthetics and sound as a language. I'm also a linguist that likes to look into language philosophy and the way different interpretations give meaning to one object. I constantly challenge myself and love teaching.

Education Background

I studied at AES Mexico and finished on July of 2017. I did a paper on sound aesthetics proposing an intricate relantionship between human language and music as a language with it's own tools in art.

I studied linguistics first and I'm a polyglot.

Employment History

Freelance engineer for some years now. I did a year as Chair in SAE Mexico's AES Student Section with over 15 workshops/masterclasses and other activities.

I have worked around 30 different recordings, and projects outside of school projects during my three years at SAE. Good planning has always been one of my virtues.

Related Experience

I've been close to some of the engineers teaching at the school and constantly work with them in as many projects as possible.
I constantly look for low budget projects and try to make the greatest sound possible, it's mostly in the driver, not just the car.

I work as an assistant for many experienced engineers in bigger productions. This way I can stay close to someone that can teach me and I can ask to.

Why Am I An AES Member?

I love the networking possibilities this gives me.

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