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Reflecting on Reflections - June 2014

Audibility of a CD-Standard A/DA/A Loop Inserted into High-Resolution Audio Playback - September 2007

Quiet Thoughts on a Deafening Problem - May 2014
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Gary H. Hedden

Gary H. Hedden

Job Title:

Member since:
Standards Committee:

Company Website:

Audio Fields:

  • Recording Industry - Mastering Studio
  • Recording Industry - Home/Project Studio
  • Recording Industry - Archiving/Restoration
  • Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Hearing - Architectural Acoustics

Job Duties:

  • Mastering Engineer
  • Acoustic Consultant
  • Consultant
  • Designer
  • Engineer
  • Mixer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Systems Designer


Gary Hedden began his audio career in the early sixties, and continues to be an active engineer in recording, mixing and mastering. His acoustic designs are developed from the viewpoint of one who sits in the monitor space, living with the consequences of nearby peripheral equipment and ergonomic issues. Today, in addition to consulting and design of many smaller studios in the region, he operates a serious mixing and mastering facility in a home-based control room, so as to be aware of the limitations of his client's spaces. Gary's experience includes all aspects of audio and acoustics including recording and mixing for vinyl, CD, TV and film, remote audio recording, concert reinforcement, church and school auditorium acoustics, and studio design. He has been an active member of the AES for forty years.


5216 Waddell Hollow Rd
Franklin, TN 37064
Office Phone:

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