Sam Inglis: Beyond EQ & Compression

AES Live: Expo - 141st Convention

Sam Inglis: Beyond EQ & Compression

Recording Industry: Home/Project Studio

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As more and more music is recorded outside of professional studios, and track counts grow bigger and bigger, the challenges facing the mix engineer grow and grow—and so does the range of processors on hand to solve them. Equalization and compression have always been the standard tone-shaping tools, but modern DAW software offers much more. Today's plug-in folders are bursting with transient shapers, dynamic equalizers, frequency-dependent dynamics, harmonic enhancement, spectral editors and even faders that write their own automation. The possibilities are endless.

These new types of plug-in can save time, solve difficult problems and help take your mixes to the next level—but only if you know how to deploy them. When, why and how should you go beyond conventional EQ and dynamics? Taking universal mix issues and real-world situations as examples, Sound On Sound Features Editor Sam Inglis explains how to bring these cutting-edge software processors to bear in your studio.

Sam Inglis, Sound on Sound

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