Audio as a Business: Building and Developing a Career

AES Live: Expo - 139th Convention

Audio as a Business: Building and Developing a Career

Recording Industry: Music Recording/Mix Studio

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Irons in the Fire: Career and Business Development Mentoring with the Manhattan Producers Alliance

Bring your energy, enthusiasm, business ideas, and questions. At this event the focus is on YOU! Succeeding in music today is, more than ever, challenging. Members of the Manhattan Producers Alliance will give a brief talk about developing your brand and your business and functioning as a creative talent in an ever-changing music business. Take this unique opportunity to meet some ManhatPro members and spend some time learning some tips and tricks for business development. You’ll participate in our open discussions, discuss your personal career goals one on one, and get a chance to meet some ManhatPro members.

John Kiehl, Manhattan Producers Alliance - New York, NY, USA; Soundtrack Studios
Jerome Rossen, Freshmade Music - San Francisco, CA, USA; Manhattan Producers Alliance
Mike Sayre, Independent Film Composer - New York, NY, USA; Manhattan Producers Alliance
Carl Tatz, Carl Tatz Design - Nashville, TN, USA
Brian Walker, Audio Director, Leap Frog - San Francisco, CA; Manhattan Producers Alliance
Richard Warp, Manhattan Producers Alliance - San Francisco, CA; Leapfrog Enterprises Inc - Emeryville, CA, USA

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