The Project Studio in the Commercial World

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The Project Studio in the Commercial World

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Most people think of project studios as a ‘personal workplace’, with little or no regard for how these environments and systems will deal with real world commercial pressures. Over the years the Project Studio has come to mean many things to the studio world, often defined by terms such as budget, size, commercial status, personality, residential setting, etc. In fact, the lines of recording studio status that divide the commercial and non-commercial studio world; the lines that differentiate between large and small and that define residential and non-residential environments have been blurred for quite some time. This panel will explore this new frontier by presenting four “Project Studios” – each of which vary dramatically in size budget, acoustic solution and purpose. The panelists (either owners or designers) will describe the studio’s individual goals, strengths, design / installation tips and significant issues encountered during the design/construction process. Most importantly, they will also reveal the tale of the studio’s success or failure after opening.

John Storyk, Architect, Studio Designer and Principal, Walters-Storyk Design Group - Highland, NY, USA
Christian Cooley, Bamyasi Studios - Miami, FL, USA
Sergio Molho, WSDG - Walters Storyk Design Group - Highland, NY, USA; Miami, FL, USA
Alex Santilli, Spice House Sound - Philadelphia, PA, USA
David Shinn, National Audio Theatre Festivals - New York, NY
Carl Tatz, Carl Tatz Design - Nashville, TN, USA

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