Stephen Webber & Alex Case: Listen Up, and Learn!-Track 1

AES Live: Expo - 137th Convention

Stephen Webber & Alex Case: Listen Up, and Learn!-Track 1

Recording Industry: Home/Project Studio

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Bring your ears, your artistry, and your opinions for an hour dedicated to the art of listening. Guided by your hosts, Stephen Webber and Alex U. Case, you'll focus on an iconic record that is a proven success—artistically and commercially—and glean useful aural insights. We'll listen as producers, engineers, composers, performers, and music fans analyzing the elements that contribute to the work's success. You'll gain a deeper appreciation of this recording. More importantly, you'll be inspired to approach your own work in new ways. Most importantly, you'll get an up-close view into how experienced audio engineers break down what they hear, empowering you to keep learning whenever you listen.

Stephen Webber, Berklee College of Music - Valencia, Spain
Alex Case, University of Massachusetts Lowell - Lowell, MA, USA

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