Outside the Box: Alternative Outlets for Your Music

AES Live: Expo - 139th Convention

Outside the Box: Alternative Outlets for Your Music

Recording Industry: Home/Project Studio

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Careers in music don't just revolve around hit records, and never more so than in today's fragmented music business. There are many other ways of exploiting musical creativity and production skills, as this seminar and panel discussion will demonstrate.

Steve Horowitz, Game Audio Institute - San Francisco, CA, USA; Nick Digital
Christopher Kaufman, Composer/Educator/Trans media author - New York, NY, USA
Jerome Rossen, Freshmade Music - San Francisco, CA, USA; Manhattan Producers Alliance
Brian Walker, Audio Director, Leap Frog - San Francisco, CA; Manhattan Producers Alliance
Richard Warp, Manhattan Producers Alliance - San Francisco, CA; Leapfrog Enterprises Inc - Emeryville, CA, USA

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