Chris Woolf: Sync and Timecode—Bricks Not Tricks

AES Live: Expo - 122nd Convention

Chris Woolf: Sync and Timecode—Bricks Not Tricks

Recording Industry: Music Recording/Mix Studio

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Synchronization and timecode—intimately connected but not to be confused with each other—form the time-axis shells of buildings within which most sound practitioners must house their work. Rules-of-thumb, tricks-that-seem-to-work, and even blind faith often support rather shaky structures so this tutorial provides some underpinning: a foundation of solid bricks.

The session presumes very little and will be useful to those with limited experience. However, it will also appeal to those with gnarled hands and a lot of dust under their fingernails but who harbour secret doubts about the security of their techniques—dark glasses and a false moustache may be worn.

Chris Woolf, Broadcast Engineering Systems, Ltd.

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