Arne Nykanen: User-Centered Agile Game Sound Design

AES Live: Expo - 140th Convention

Arne Nykanen: User-Centered Agile Game Sound Design

Recording Industry: Game Audio

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Good game sound or interactive sound design is often determined by the work processes used. This tutorial will take a comprehensive view on how experience from psychoacoustics, industrial design, user-centered design, agile software development, and computer games design can be merged to arrive at good sound design practices. Based on this review, a user-centered agile sound design practice is proposed. The core idea is to organize the design work into short iterations (sprints), listening to the evolving product frequently, and repeatedly throughout the design process, and get users (players) into the loop early on. Demonstrations will be made of how DAWs, software synthesizers, audio programming languages, game engines, and game audio middleware can be used to facilitate such design processes.

Arne Nykanen, Anglia Ruskin University - Cambridge, UK; LuleƄ University of Technology - LuleƄ, Sweden

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