Binaural Applications with Auro-3D Immersive Sound

AES Live: Expo - 140th Convention

Binaural Applications with Auro-3D Immersive Sound

Recording Industry: Post Production

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Auro-3D, and Immersive Sound in general, bring a new exciting listening experience to the audience on various reproduction systems. In many applications the audio will be reproduced using multiple speakers, but for many people headphones are actually the main listening device. Binaural processing allows to playback immersive sound on headphones by applying the necessary filters to recreate the directional cues related to the various speaker and/or object positions in the 3D auditory space.

In this tutorial, a short explanation will be given about Auro Technologies’ own technology to reproduce Auro-3D content over standard headphones. In a second part of this session, Auro’s unique upmixing technology for headphones will be introduced, which provides a three-dimensional experience on headphones from standard stereo and surround audio tracks.

Wilfried Van Baelen, Auro Technologies N.V. - Mol, Belgium
Bert Van Daele, Auro 3D & Galaxy Studios - Mol, Belgium

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