Analog Tape in a Digital World

AES Live: Expo - 137th Convention

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Recording Industry: Music Recording/Mix Studio

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Despite 20+ years of digital recording advancements, recording to analog tape remains a hot topic in the world of audio engineering. Software modeling companies work hard to create the best emulations while hardware manufacturers pour over designs to also emulate the "magic" of the tape process, and yet "the real thing" remains a no-option for many artists and engineers still today. This workshop discussed the current state of analog tape manufacturing, availability, and its usage in the recording, mixing, and mastering stages of the music production cycle.

Mike Wells, Mike Wells Mastering - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Charlie Bolois, Vertigo Recording Services - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Larry Crane, Tape Op Magazine - Portland, OR, USA; Jackpot! Recording Studio
Dan Labrie, ATR Services/ATR Magnetics - York, PA, USA

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