Karlheinz Brandenburg

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Karlheinz Brandenburg has been a driving force behind some of today’s most innovative digital audio technologies, notably the MP3 and MPEG audio standards. The research results of his dissertation are the basis of MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3), MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), and most other modern audio compression schemes. He is acclaimed for pioneering work in digital audio coding, perceptual measurement techniques, wave field synthesis, and psychoacoustics. His honors include the AES Silver Medal, plus other international awards. Furthermore he is member in the "Hall of Fame" of the Consumer Electronics Association and of the International Electrotechnical Commission. In 2009 he was appointed as Ambassador of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. Dr. Brandenburg is professor at the Institute for Media Technology at Ilmenau University of Technology and director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology in Ilmenau. Interviewed by Irv Joel. Edited by Harry Hirsch.

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