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Journal of the AES

2006 March - Volume 54 Number 3

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Modulation and System Techniques in PWM and SDM Switching Amplifiers (PDF-1.6MB)  
Malcolm Hawksford    107
Switching amplifiers that use either sigma-delta modulation (SDM) or pulse-width modulation (PWM) can be modeled in terms of linear angle modulation. Distortion generated when applying feedback to PWM is demonstrated, and strategies to improve linearity are then presented. Also, a look-ahead SDM incorporating an energy-balancing binary decision threshold is examined. A unified analytic approach shows that SDM can compete in terms of linearity with PWM power amplifiers and that energy-balancing SDM can achieve similar peak signals.  
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A Search for Best Error Metrics to Predict Discrimination of Original and Spectrally Altered Musical Instrument Sounds (PDF-461KB)  
Andrew B. Horner, James W. Beauchamp, and Richard H. Y. So    140
Knowing the required accuracy of harmonic components in decoded or synthesized periodic audio signals allows a designer to select an optimum strategy. An error metric of spectral accuracy was proposed and evaluated in subjective listening tests. Listeners were asked to discriminate sounds with randomly altered changes in spectral amplitude without any changes in the average spectrum or overall loudness. These tests confirmed the validity of the model.  
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Advanced Simulation of a Condenser Microphone Capsule (PDF-394KB)  
Roger S. Grinnip III    157
An advanced model of a pressure condenser microphone capsule was used to simulate the performance of an experimental prototype. The external acoustic domain was modeled using the boundary-element method, which allowed the capsule to have an arbitrary shape. The results show excellent agreement throughout the measured frequency range. This coupled model was better than the conventional lumped-element techniques.  
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Bit-Rate Scalable Intraframe Sinusoidal Audio Coding Based on Rate-Distortion Optimization (PDF-714KB)  
Richard Heusdens, Jesper Jensen, W. Bastiaan Kleijn, Valery Kot, Omar A. Niamut, Steven van der Par, Nicolle H. van Schijndel, and Renat Vafin    167
A parametric coder based on rate-distortion optimal sinusoid + noise coding of audio and speech signals is presented. The coder minimizes a perceptual distortion measure subject to a bit-rate constraint. A variable-length signal analysis is used to avoid preechoes and to reduce the intersegment correlation. Frequency differential coding is performed to exploit intrasegment correlations. In subjective listening tests using music and speech, this method often performed better than state-of-the-art MPEG-4 audio coders.  
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AES Standards Committee News (PDF-94KB)    189
ATM networking; digitally-interfaced microphones; microphone specifications; Standards meetings  
12th Tokyo Regional Convention Report (PDF-270KB)    190
   Exhibitors (PDF-149KB)    194
   Program (PDF-593KB)    196
120th Convention Preview, Paris (PDF-269KB)    208
   Exhibit Previews (PDF-476KB)    210
Stereophonic Recording Techniques: Old Challenges, New Approaches (PDF-311KB)    225
29th Conference, Seoul, Call for Papers (PDF-74KB)    247
121st Convention, San Francisco, Call for Papers (PDF-74KB)    248
News of the Sections (PDF-223KB)    230
Upcoming Meetings (PDF-229KB)    233
Sound Track (PDF-238KB)    234
Available Literature (PDF-184KB)    236
Membership Information (PDF-157KB)    238
Advertiser Internet Directory (PDF-163KB)    239
In Memoriam (PDF-161KB)    245
Sections Contacts Directory (PDF-151KB)    249
AES Conventions and Conferences (PDF-228KB)    256
Cover & Sustaining Members List (PDF-144KB)    
AES Officers, Committees, Offices & Journal Staff (PDF-186KB)    
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