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Journal of the AES

2002 July/August - Volume 50 Number 7/8

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On the Design and Efficiency of Class A, B, AB, G, and H Audio Power Amplifier Output Stages (PDF-670K)  
Rosalfonso Bortoni, Sidnei Noceti Filho, and Rui Seara    547
Audio power amplifiers are usually analyzed with resistive loads with an added compensation factor for nominally reactive loads of real loudspeakers. The current study examines amplifiers of class A, B, AB, G, and H under conditions of reactive loads with sine wave to determine the true stress on the power stage. By using a more exact method, the economic inefficiency of the older approximation is avoided. A procedure for designing and assessing output stages is also proposed.  
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Requirements for Low-Frequency Sound Reproduction, Part I: The Audibility of Changes in Passband Amplitude Ripple and Lower System Cutoff Frequency and Slope (PDF-247K)  
Søren Bech    564
The low-frequency loudspeaker in a 5.1 system has been investigated in terms of perception of its frequency cutoff, slope of the cutoff, and passband ripple. The cutoff frequency has a very significant effect on the subjective sense of "lower bass," but the cutoff slope was found not to be significant. The audibility of ripple depends on the nature of the audio signal. Results were consistent in both an anechoic test procedure and a headphone simulation of that environment.  
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Requirements for Low-Frequency Sound Reproduction, Part II: Generation of Stimuli and Listening System Equalization (PDF-174K)  
Jan Abildgaard Pedersen and Aki Mäkivirta    581
Using headphones to simulate the perception of loudspeakers in an anechoic chamber is easier and more efficient, but it requires signal processing to produce the equivalent sound signals. This study describes the algorithms used in a previous study of the low-frequency channel loudspeaker. Signals were pre-equalized with added nonlinear processing based on head-related transfer measurements made in an anechoic chamber with an actual loudspeaker.  
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Reconstruction Method for Missing or Damaged Long Portions in Audio Signal (PDF-152K)  
Ismo Kauppinen and Jyrki Kauppinen    594
Using a reconstruction method described previously, the authors demonstrate an algorithm that replaces gaps of up to several thousand samples with synthesized audio. Using three different types of music, the extrapolation method was able to reconstruct successfully the missing audio, so that listeners could not hear the difference between it and the original. The method was applied in practice to correct scratches from badly damaged recordings, but it can also work with any kind of impulse noise in real time.  
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AES Standards Committee News (PDF-30K)    603
Acoustics and sound-source modeling
Call for Comment on REVISION of AES10-1991(r1997), AES recommended practice for digital audio engineering-Format for the user data channel of the AES digital audio interface
113th Convention Preview, Los Angeles (PDF-435K)    606
    Calendar (PDF-262K)    608
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Updates and Corrections to the 2001/2002 International Sections Directory (PDF-14K)    636
23rd Conference, Copenhagen, Call for Papers (PDF-20K)    641
News of the Sections (PDF-76K)    629
Upcoming Meetings (PDF-13K)    634
Sound Track (PDF-16K)    635
Advertiser Internet Directory (PDF-16K)    635
Membership Information (PDF-18K)    637
In Memoriam (PDF-28K)    639
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