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Journal of the AES

2002 June - Volume 50 Number 6

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Magnetic Circuit Design Methodologies for Dual-Coil Transducers (PDF-755K)  
Douglas J. Button    427
Renewed interest in the old idea of using dual voice coils, axial not concentric, leads to reconsidering this architectural approach to modern consumer and professional applications. The author reviews and analyzes numerous design tradeoffs in magnetic materials, magnetic geometries, and voice-coil topologies in order to illustrate potential advantages of this approach to driver design. Advantages, when compared to single-coil drivers, include weight, power handling, power compression, and distortion. An additional shorted coil between the two drive coils acts as dynamic braking.  
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Loudspeaker Voice-Coil Inductance Losses: Circuit Models, Parameter Estimation, and Effect on Frequency Response (PDF-159K)  
W. Marshall Leach, Jr.    442
Modeling of the losses in a loudspeaker voice coil is not straightforward, even when the series resistance is separated from the inductor and when both are viewed as discrete elements. The parametric representation of the inductor must include a frequency-dependent resistance and inductance in parallel. A SPICE analysis is compared to experimental data in order to validate the proposed parameters that incorporate the frequency-dependent impedance and phase.  
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Similarity Evaluation of Room Acoustic Impulse Responses: Visual and Auditory Impressions (PDF-240K)  
Akira Omoto, Chizuko Hiratsuka, Hiroaki Fujita, Tetsuhiko Fukushima, Masataka Nakahara, and Kyoji Fujiwara    451
A comparison between the original impulse response of a room and its simulation must be made in order to evaluate the quality of the simulation. However, this leads to the dilemma of using a listening or visual method for judging similarity. In this study a single frequency band was deliberately changed in amplitude to create a controlled difference between the two cases, which then served as a basis for evaluating the two methods of judgment. Results show a very high level of correlation between visual inspection and subjective listening.  
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A New Nonstationary Test Procedure for Improved Loudspeaker Fault Detection (PDF-280K)  
Manuel Davy and Christian Doncarli    458
Manufacturing efficiencies require a general method to automatically detect production faults without any prior information about the nature of such faults. The authors propose a method that uses a mixture of four chirped signals covering the complete frequency range as a brief signal that mimics a speech or musiclike stimulus. The method was evaluated by comparing aged loudspeakers with varying levels of fatigue with new loudspeakers. The approach does not require a special environment or a model of the loudspeaker or its failure modes. Yet the results are accurate.  
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AES Standards Committee News (PDF-15K)    470
Radio traffic data; preservation and restoration; analog recording; transfer technologies  
112th Convention Report, Munich (PDF-2.8MB)    474
    Exhibitors (PDF-295K)    492
    Program (PDF-188K)    495
Updates and Corrections to Review of Society's Sustaining Members (PDF-26K)    526
114th Convention, Amsterdam, Call for Papers (PDF-13K)    535
Review of Acoustical Patents (PDF-140K)    472
Upcoming Meetings (PDF-26K)    526
News of the Sections (PDF-71K)    527
Sound Track (PDF-14K)    531
New Products and Developments (PDF-61K)    532
Advertiser Internet Directory (PDF-359K)    534
Available Literature (PDF-359K)    534
Membership Information (PDF-12K)    536
In Memoriam (PDF-24K)    537
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