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Journal of the AES

2001 December - Volume 49 Number 12

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High-Intensity Infrasonic Acoustic Test System that Uses a Two-Volume Helmholtz Resonator (PDF-413K)  
H. Edwin Boesch, Jr., Christian G. Reiff, and Bruce T. Benwel    1131
Generation of clean high-amplitude subsonic test audio in the region of 2 to 20 Hz requires a completely different approach that uses compressed air and mechanical modulators rather than conventional drivers. Large-scale Helmholtz resonators then create a clear signal. The test environment explores the biological effects of such signals on humans. Classical acoustic models predict the observed behavior.  
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Comparison of Numerical Simulation Models and Measured Low-Frequency Behavior of Loudspeaker Enclosures (PDF-297K)  
Matti Karjalainen, Veijo Ikonen, Poju Antsalo, Panu Maijala, Lauri Savioja, Antti Suutala, Seppo Pohjolainen    1148
Powerful computer processing and sophisticated software tools are now adequate to apply element-based vibroacoustic simulation to the modeling of loudspeaker enclosures. Boundary-element, finite-element, and finite-difference time-domain methods are explored in the design of an enclosure. A comparison of the measured and predicted results shows good agreement in almost all cases, but especially at low frequencies. The quality of the results is limited only by the accuracy of the physical parameters.  
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A Method for Long Extrapolation of Audio Signals (PDF-283K)  
Ismo Kauppinen, Jyrki Kauppinen, and Pekka Saarinen    1167
The use of extrapolation to replace relatively long segments of audio that have been corrupted or destroyed is demonstrated with an impulse-response model derived from the audio before and after the segment. Three methods for deriving the prediction parameters are explored using real music in order to synthesize thousands of missing samples. In most cases, listeners could not identify the sample with the extrapolated audio segments.  
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Multitone Testing of Sound System Components-Some Results and Conclusions, Part 2: Modeling and Application (PDF-1404K)  
Eugene Czerwinski, Alexander Voishvillo, Sergei Alexandrov, and Alexander Terekhov    1181
A new nonlinear distortion technique, described in Part 1 of this paper published in the 2001 November issue, is applied to a pair of horn drivers each having a similar harmonic distortion value. The difference in the intermodulation products between the target and reference drivers correlates with the subjective perception. The validation of the new approach originates from the more complete nonlinear signature of the created tones. However, interpretation of that pattern in terms of the physical properties is both difficult and rewarding. The failure of harmonic distortion measurement is clearly demonstrated.  
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AES Standards Committee News (PDF-16K)    1193
Microphone characteristics; file exchange; listening tests  
111th Convention Report, New York (PDF-2174K)    1196
    Exhibitors (PDF-349K)    1210
    Program (PDF-152K)    1213
New Officers 2001/2002 (PDF-165K)    1237
2001/2002 AES International Sections Directory (PDF-93K)    1242
Call for Nominations for Board of Governors (PDF-15K)    1275
Call for Awards Nominations (PDF-15K)    1276
113th Convention, Los Angeles, Call for Papers (PDF-12K)    1283
Bylaws: Audio Engineering Society, Inc. (PDF-23K)    1284
Index to Volume 49 (PDF-33K)    1288
News of the Sections (PDF-52K)    1266
Sound Track (PDF-27K)    1270
New Products and Developments (PDF-44K)    1271
Upcoming Meetings (PDF-20K)    1273
Available Literature (PDF-20K)    1273
Membership Information (PDF-76K)    1277
Advertiser Internet Directory (PDF-76K)    1278
AES Conventions and Conferences (PDF-45K)    1296
Cover and Sustaining Members List (PDF-13K)    
VIP List (PDF-17K)    
Editorial Staff (PDF-17K)    
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