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  • Meet and talk with other members of the audio industry and have the opportunity to learn directly from recognized experts in the audio field
  • Be in contact with the most up-to-date products in the market and have access to the latest developments by researchers
  • Participate in your local Section meetings, workshops and discussion forums
  • Receive the monthly Journal of the AES, either printed or online, and receive AES electronic news, regularly
  • Students: the AES is the perfect complement to Your Audio Education

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Special Offers for September 2015: We're currently giving 25 free E-Library downloads to all AES members so if you join today you'll have until the end of September to download those free papers. We're also offering a special one-time discount on an E-Library subscription, as long as you sign-up in September 2015. (That makes it $130 instead of the usual $145.) Subscribing to the E-Library this month means you'll be able to download all the papers from the next 2 or 3 conventions, including the 139th convention in New York and the 140th convention in Paris.



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