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Listen, Inc. - Audio Measurement Sales/Applications

Posted On: 2020-1-16
Location: California (Bay area), Detroit, Boston, Europe, Asia

Listen, Inc. is looking to expand its team with several audio enthusiasts who enjoy customer facing roles for positions in sales, applications engineering, or a combination of the two. While job title and duties will depend on experience, skill set and career goals, all roles require:
1) An enthusiasm for audio. Maybe you have worked developing and testing audio devices or sold products into the audio industry. Perhaps you have a home recording studio, or simply a lifelong passion for high end audio and you would love to work closely with the companies whose products you own or covet. That said, if you do not have prior experience in audio test and measurement, you must be willing to dig deep and learn our product range and applications inside-out, as all our roles require you to truly understand and competently demonstrate the product in order offer our customers an outstanding experience. Listen is active in many markets including loudspeakers, microphones, voice-controlled devices, headphones, telephones, automotive audio, audio electronics and hearing aids, so experience in any of these is a benefit.
2) Excellent people skills, and experience in a customer facing role. You have likely sold or supported scientific or audio equipment or complex components. Either way, you will possess outstanding people skills, excellent presentation skills, and have a desire to be in a customer-facing role. You build long-term relationships, and enjoy a consultative sales approach. Experience selling a high-value product with sometimes lengthy sales cycles, repeat business and the need for excellent after-sales support is particularly valued.
3) A desire to work in a high-tech and fast-paced environment. There is rarely a quiet day at Listen! You will always be working on multiple high-value projects and need to be attentive to all stakeholders.
4) An evangelical approach to CRM. We have sophisticated online tools to manage our processes, and consistent and reliable use of these to help you optimize the customer experience is non-negotiable.
5) For overseas roles, relevant language skills.
The specific job title and responsibilities will depend on the individual’s skill set and career goals, but will include several of the following.
Managing or assisting with a sales territory
Presenting technical product demonstrations to customers, both pre- and post- sales
Helping our customers solve challenging measurement problems, in conjunction with other Listen teams. This involves communicating future customer needs to our development teams and helping to drive their implementation, in addition to solving current issues.
Assisting/co-presenting technical seminars and product demonstrations, including preparing demos ahead of time
Working with the marketing team to provide technical input into documentation, articles, websites, etc., and producing technical documentation for our support knowledgebase
Travel appropriate to the territory and business and occasionally to our Boston headquarters.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter to and let us know what type of role would excite you!

Please mention AES001352 when applying for this position.

About Listen, Inc.

580 Harrison Ave Ste 3W
Boston, MA 02118


Listen is a leader in audio and electroacoustic test and measurement. Founded in 1995, when its flagship product, SoundCheck® was launched, the company has pioneered electroacoustic measurement techniques for over 20 years and sets the standard in the marketplace with powerful and innovative test methods and algorithms, fast and flexible testing, and excellent service and customer support. Listen's product range includes the popular SoundCheck® measurement software, and a range of audio interfaces and other hardware including the AmpConnect all-in-one interface, measurement microphones, microphone power supplies, audio test amplifiers, Bluetooth and MEMS interfaces and more. Listen invests heavily in R&D to remain at the cutting edge of measurement technology and to ensure that products evolve to meet the increasingly diverse needs of our customer base. Recent product releases contain a host of new features geared towards testing of smart devices and multichannel devices.

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