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SoundChip SA - Senior Acoustic Engineer

Posted On: 2019-1-2
Location: Daresbury, Cheshire, UK

SoundChip SA seeks to appoint a new Senior Acoustic Engineer to conduct product development work and support strategic R&D initiatives, contributing to the maintenance and development of SoundChip’s portfolio of technologies, methodologies and knowledge base. The new engineer will be based at SoundChip’s Technology Centre on the Sci-Tech Daresbury National Science and Innovation Campus, located between Manchester and Liverpool.


─ Undertake audio product development in accordance with company development objectives and processes under the direction of the Technology Centre Team Leader;
─ Conduct measurement, evaluation and development of electro-acoustic platforms and electronic systems, in support of product and strategic development and benchmarking;
─ Conduct strategic Electro-Acoustic research and development work, supporting the innovation of next generation concepts;
─ Contribute to development and maintenance of the corporate knowledge base;
─ Support customer technical inquiries and trouble shooting.

Skills, Experience and Personal Attributes

─ Completion of a degree or (preferably) a post-graduate degree in acoustic engineering or closely related engineering discipline;
─ Completion of courses in “Signals and Systems” within a program of Higher Education in an engineering or applied science context, to cover linear signals and systems analysis, Fourier Methods, statistics of time series, etc., and appreciation of fundamental methods of DSP (to include discrete-time representation of signals, quantization effects and digital filtering);
─ Intuition for the operation of (at least) moving coil loudspeakers and miniature loudspeakers and understanding of the impact of loading mechanisms upon loudspeaker performance, preferably including operation of miniature transducers close to the ear;
─ Appreciation of acoustic safety and issues impacting upon auditory health
─ Understanding for practical engineering metrology, acquired within the context of engineering dynamics (but not necessarily acoustics), including an appreciation of the significance of frequency response measurements, signal to noise ratio and dynamic range as applied to measurement of LTI systems.
─ Understanding for acoustic instrumentation (excepting “environmental acoustics”) and appreciation of methods of acoustic calibration
─ Experience of critical listening in the context of high quality audio products;
─ Skill in the use of technical computing and proficiency in MATLAB;
─ Technical authoring skills allied with Educational or “Ambassadorial” aptitudes.
─ 5-10 years of professional engineering experience, preferably in acoustics, for audio applications which have been successfully introduced into mass production.
─ Strong written and verbal communication skills;
─ Team player, skilled at operating with in-house and external engineers;
─ Commercial awareness, recognising the importance of appropriate engineering;
─ Ability to establish and build successful working relationships with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures; and
─ Availability for travel and extra-ordinary duties outside normal working hours.

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About SoundChip SA

Vanguard House
Keckwick Lane
Daresbury Cheshire
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1925 607181
Fax: +41 21 560 42 54

SoundChip is a system-level audio engineering company with a keen focus on improving the personal audio experience through the development of innovative sound technology. We are a leading global supplier of active noise cancellation solutions, including devices, design tools, and manufacturing apparatus to major brands including Harman, Philips, Panasonic, Microsoft, Bowers & Wilkins, for example. Our system-level approach differentiates us from our competitors. By combining our unique strengths and experience in electroacoustic engineering, ANC, signal processing, and production test systems development we are able to provide full and proactive support to our customers' active noise cancellation product development initiatives from cradle to grave. SoundChip operates engineering offices in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong and is headquartered in Switzerland. The company's staff is comprised of superbly trained and experienced acoustic, electronic, and software engineers.

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