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Smule, Inc. - Software Engineer - Audio/DSP Systems

Posted On: 2017-6-19
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Smule is looking for an audio engineer! First and foremost, you will be making the members of our community sound as stellar as possible whether they are singing, playing piano or guitar, or doing any other type of music making.

Your job is to build and maintain software that automates the role of a studio engineer by properly mixing, EQ, compressing, denoising, and otherwise applying FX to optimize the sound of our performers. We have millions of users across the globe with a diverse set of voices, so this job will keep you on your toes!

Day to day, you will be building, tuning, and supporting our audio pipeline and FX across multiple platforms (IOS, Android, Linux).

Desired Skills and Experience:

Educational background in Digital Audio Signal Processing
2+ years of professional experience with at least one on a consumer facing product
Experience with real-time audio processing
Experienced in audio / music analysis and synthesis algorithms
Proficiency C/C++. Experience in at least one OO language is required
Ability to build/modify low-level studio/real-time FX code
Enough studio engineering chops to troubleshoot and fix issues like distortion, latency, etc.
Familiarity with ffmpeg, audio formats/encodings, one or more DAWs


IOS, Android, other mobile audio experience
Proficiency in Python, Objective-C, and Java
Knowledge of music theory
Experience with feature extraction (key, time signature, beat, etc), and re-synthesis (beat-matching, thumbnailing, time-stretching, etc.)

To apply:

Please mention AES001046 when applying for this position.

About Smule, Inc.

139 Townend St., 3rd Fl.
San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone: +1 415 602 0690
Fax: +1 415 371 1516

Smule is on a mission to change the way the world experiences music. With 52 million monthly active users creating over 20 million songs every day, Smule is transforming the landscape of music from one of passive listening to one of collaborative creation and expressive sharing. On Smule users are inspired to engage with music at its roots as a creative, social, and interactive medium, and collaborate with and listen to all types of music with anyone from anywhere in the world.

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