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Staff Applications Engineer

Posted On: 2017-1-20
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Join the leader in entertainment innovation and help us design the future. At Dolby, science meets art, and high tech means more than computer code. As a member of the Dolby team, you’ll see and hear the results of your work everywhere, from movie theaters to smartphones. We continue to revolutionize how people create, deliver, and enjoy entertainment worldwide. To do that, we need the absolute best talent. We’re big enough to give you all the resources you need, and small enough so you can make a real difference and earn recognition for your work. We offer a collegial culture, challenging projects, and excellent compensation and benefits.
Dolby is defining High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging systems for delivering breathtaking experiences in the Cinema, in the home and on the go, with the new video technology, Dolby Vision.
The Dolby Vision Implementation Engineer will be a core member of implementation support team, focused on helping TV and Set-top-box SoC manufacturers to design, build, and test the integration of Dolby Vision technology into their solutions.
This position can be based in either San Francisco or Sunnyvale.

Role and Responsibilities:

Lead generously as an expert on Dolby Vision Technology. Maintain technical proficiency in areas related to Dolby Vision businesses and serve as a technical adviser and domain expert to a variety of teams throughout the company.
Interpret generally defined internal policies and apply deep technical knowledge to support Dolby licensee on correctly integrating Dolby Vision into their solutions.
Work regularly with cross-functional teams across Dolby as the “voice of the customer” providing feedback on and driving improvements to Dolby’s licensing deliverables.

Job Functions:

Provide support to Licensees and internal field technical teams to facilitate Dolby’s technology licensing program using a diplomatic, professional and service-oriented approach.
Assist Dolby licensees with troubleshooting and finding solutions in the process of integration of Dolby technology and approval evaluations.
Support the evaluation and approval of Dolby Licensed Implementations by confirming the accuracy of test results and producing professional, accurate written reports that communicate the conformance of these implementations compared with the established requirements.
Work with product managers and engineering teams on the development and maintenance of licensing deliverables.

Functional Requirements:

BS/MS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or similar and 7-10 years of engineering experience in consumer electronics or related fields. Master’s degree holders in related disciplines with 5-7 years of such experience will also be considered.
Ability to work both independently and collaboratively with cross-functional teams to achieve goals.
Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving abilities when working on complex problems.
Excellent written and verbal English communications skills.
Ability to adapt communication approach in an astute manner in order to work and solve technical problems collaboratively across a wide range of skill levels, cultures and backgrounds.
Impeccable integrity and the ability to handle situations involving complicated, high-pressure legal or business relationships, as well as sensitive, confidential information.
Occasional international travel is required for this position.
Some experience in a customer support role is desirable.

Technical Requirements

Fluency in programming languages especially C/C++, Python and/or Java.
Hands on experience on Embedded software development on SoC for real time video encoder or decoder solution.
Knowledge of MPEG2-TS, MP4, RTP streaming, HDMI and Vx1 interface is highly desirable.
Experience with Digital Signal Processing for consumer electronics is desirable.
Related experience in several of the following area: DSP algorithm porting, optimization and integration; Embedded Systems design; Software for embedded processors; Computer and Operating system architecture; DSP architectures and their multimedia frameworks; ARM toolchain; technology licensing; IP-based content delivery and playback products.
Interest in music, audio/video production, recording engineering, game/film audio or video highly desirable.
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Please mention AES00946 when applying for this position.

Senior Applications Engineer

Posted On: 2017-1-25
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Dolby’s applications engineers serve as the key experts providing technical guidance and support for our licensees in the adoption of our technologies and in the planning, design, manufacture, testing, and field deployment of products offering our technologies and wearing our logos. Internally, they serve as experts and trainers for Dolby staff on our licensees, our business systems, and the current state of the market segments for all of our technologies. In carrying out these missions, our applications engineers work on a variety of different tasks which include evaluating product performance during testing and persuasively communicating results to Dolby’s licensees through formal written reports; negotiating with licensee companies to find optimal design solutions that expediently support Dolby’s brand promises without undue hardship for the customer in terms of timeline or cost; maintaining our product and customer databases as a part of our technical correspondence with customers; serving as a beta testing and consulting resource during creation of new and revised test procedures, signals, and specifications; hosting and traveling to visit customers as needed to stay in touch with strategic accounts; and providing close technical support for sales, marketing, tradeshow operations, and our valued industry partners.
The successful candidate will therefore have a BS degree or higher in a technical field and a broad understanding of home and mobile entertainment products, technologies, and markets. S/he will also grasp the role played by Dolby’s offerings in these areas. The most competitive candidates will have detailed technical knowledge and experience in video or imaging technologies in broadcast or CE markets; close familiarity with planning, design, manufacture, and/or QA testing of these or similar products; and advanced language skills in Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, or Japanese. Also strongly desirable is fluency with relevant standards such as those related to ATSC and DVB broadcast, MPEG program and transport streams; S/PDIF, TOSLINK, and HDMI interfaces; and other material of interest such as HE-AAC, MPEG1L2, DVD, Blu-ray, and similar.

Job Functions

• Correspond and collaborate extensively to provide technical support to licensee companies by email, by phone, and in person during product planning, design, development, manufacture, and sale. Escalate cases and customer issues to other departments as needed.
• Continually and unflaggingly maintain comprehensive, accurate, and accessible records and documentation in both personal and company files and databases describing product evaluations, products, and correspondence with licensees.
• Occasionally supervise junior staff members and coordinate apps engineering group activities on such projects as the group’s manager may delegate when the need / opportunity arises.
• Produce complete and accurate product evaluation reports to describe performance of licensed products and encourage our licensees to promote and maintain the quality and value associated with Dolby trademarks by achieving compliant performance.
• Assist with product testing as needed.
• Complete, process, and file e-paperwork needed to track production of licensed products and report/recognize royalty revenue.
• Maintain a detailed and expert knowledge of relevant standards, technologies, and specifications, garnered where possible in advance of industry adoption. As needed, train junior staff members on same. Maintain the ability to provide in real time a seasoned and predictive view to internal staff regarding how these standards may affect or constrain Dolby’s current and future technologies (and vice-versa).
• Work with cross-functional teams across Dolby as the “voice of the customer” providing feedback on and driving improvements to Dolby’s licensing deliverables.
• Train internal staff, liaison offices, and management in system-level implementation of Dolby’s technologies as well as in the use of our internal systems such as database and reporting tools.
• Participate in recruiting and interviewing as needed.
• Attend trade shows, seminars, conferences, and educational events to support internal and external customers and stay abreast of industry developments. Occasional international travel may be required.

Skills, Education, and Experience

• Absolute, unwavering, and unconditionally honest conscientiousness, even when nobody is watching. This is more important than anything else. Repeat: This is more important than anything else.
• BSEE or MSEE or similar (Physics, Engineering Technology, Mathematics, Computer Science, etc.) and 3-5 years of experience in consumer audio/video or related fields.
• Experience should include expertise / knowledge / familiarity with several of the following areas: home theater and multimedia systems, equipment and technologies; ATSC and/or DVB broadcast standards as well as technologies and standards related to other terrestrial, cable, and satellite broadcast systems; audio/video hardware design; hardware and architectures of popular small computers; audio/video test and measurement; IPTV; analog and digital circuitry; technical writing; manufacturing and related processes; audio and/or video DSP; perceptual coders; embedded systems; technology licensing; multimedia interfaces such as HDMI, Firewire, DLNA, etc.; testing and quality assurance.
• Especially preferred is knowledge of video standards, experience with video/image processing, image/video encoding/decoding, testing video systems, related fields, or experience supporting customers in these areas.
• Capacity to speak / read / write any of Mandarin, Shanghainese, Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, is something we hope for but is not required. International travel and/or work experience is a plus.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills are expected.
• Ability to quickly understand complex technical and/or business issues and explain the same to technical and non-technical personnel without resorting to big words or complex grammatical structures.
• Ability to make decisions based upon criteria that are often fuzzy and to justify those decisions to senior management if needed.

• Knowledge of music, audio/video production, recording engineering, broadcast engineering, film production, home theater, or acoustics desirable.

To apply:

Please mention AES00949 when applying for this position.

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