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Oral History Project

This series of DVDs was created by the AES Historical Committee in order to preserve a first hand recording of the recollections of persons involved with important audio engineering inventions and/or events for future generations. Click here to order a specific interview or read more about the interviews released so far.

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  • "An Afternoon with Jack Mullin" are 1/2-inch VHS cassette tapes capturing the growth of entertainment technology. Contains significant landmarks in audio from 1877 to the present. Only available in PAL format.
  • "Magnetic Recording: The Ups and Downs of a Pioneer - The Memoirs of Semi Joseph Begun" edited by Mark Clark.
    The engaging story of one of magnetic recording's most respected pioneers begins in pre-World War I Germany, moves through the 1930s with the early development of the Lorenz steel tape machine, and on to the activities at the United States' Brush Development Company during World War II. A rare personal insight into the emergence of a major audio technology by one of its most impressive contributors. 158 pages. Available in PDF format.
  • "A History of Audio Engineering and Magnetic Recording Before 1943" Heinz Thiele chaired a session on "Audio History and Technology" at the 94th AES Convention in Berlin in March 1993. Twelve papers were read, and a magnetic tape stereo recording from 1943 was played to demonstrate the progress of the technology up to that date. The authors, titles, and abstracts of the papers are available on the Historical website. Although the papers from this session were never published in the AES Journal, there were English-language convention papers of eleven of the papers (which are included in the PDF file below). In addition, all twelve papers were published in a German-language book that was sold at the 94th Convention, as was a CD of the recordings which were originally made in 1943. The title of the CD is "The 50th Anniversary of Stereophonic Tape Recording". Read More Details Here

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