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Call for papers

Call for Papers(PDF)

Proposed Paper Topics

  • Methods and Topologies.
    • Architectures.
    • Modulation methods
    • Control/protection systems design
    • Power stage topologies and implementation
    • Modeling and optimization.
  • Testing and evaluation
    • Audio quality
    • Efficiency
    • Audio measurements and test methods
  • Integration perspectives
    • IC integration, design, simulation, verification
    • Packaging
    • Thermal management
    • Protection
    • EMI/EMC
  • System integration
    • Power supplies
    • Power management
    • Transducers
    • Signal processing
  • Applications and future trends
    • Benefits / value propositions in different audio markets Mobile phones, hearing aids, HiFi and CarFi
  • Emerging technologies and applications
    • Massively multi-channel designs for array- and wavefield-synthesis speaker systems

Submission Schedule

  • 2009 January 5th
    Author’s Website opens at
    Note: Please open an account here as early as possible, so that the organizing committee can monitor interest in real time.
  • 2009 April 1st
    Submission deadline, full paper submission required, 4-10 pages.
    Guidelines are available at
  • 2009 May 18th
    Authors are informed by e-mail about paper acceptance or requests for revision.
  • 2009 July 1st
    Revised paper submission deadline.

Thomas Mørch
Texas Instruments
Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

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