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Welcome to AES 2008
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This 3-day conference aims to bring audio and system engineers together for the discussion of new trends in audio engineering for mobile and handheld devices. State-of-art handheld devices need high-quality sound and powerful functionality in small packages. Whereas the size of audio components has shrunk along with handheld devices, the importance of audio functionality has grown in the new generation of handheld devices. Recently, audio features and performance have become a major marketing feature of wireless handsets. On the other hand, portable music players have evolved into powerful multimedia devices with video and wireless-network capabilities.

This conference will be a timely discussion of the trends and future of the audio technologies for handheld devices. The issues to be discussed include new trends in audio coding, audio signal processing, synthetic audio, wireless delivery of audio, power-efficient audio technology, and implementation of audio subsystems for handheld devices. The 34th Conference Committee invites the submission of technical papers for presentation at the conference in 2008 in Jeju Island in Korea. By 2008 April 18 a full paper of 4–10 pages should be submitted to the conference review committee. Paper templates will be available for downloading at <www.aes.org/34th_authors>. You can visit this site for more information and complete instructions for using the site after 2008 February 22. The 34th Conference Review Committee, based on full-paper submissions, will determine acceptance of papers and inform all authors before 2008 May 16 by email. Following acceptance, appropriate revisions based on the comments of the reviewers will be allowed, but no substantial rewriting. Revised papers must be submitted by 2008 June 20.>

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