27th International AES Conference


2-2 Digital Audio Power Amplifier Based on Multilevel Power Converters

Victor M. E. Antunes(1), Vitor Fernao Pires(2), Jose Fernando Silva(3). (1) Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal. (2) Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), UTL, Lisbon, Portugal. (3) Centro Automática Universidade Técnica Lisboa (CAUTL), Lisbon, Portugal.

The concepts and design aspects of all-digital openloop audio power amplifiers, based on multilevel power converters, are presented. Innovative modulation techniques to reduce harmonic distortion of this type of amplifiers are also presented. A prototype of a digital multilevel audio power amplifier has been developed, implemented, and tested. THD plus noise performance comparisons between some class A, AB, and D amplifiers are presented. Results show that the proposed digital audio power amplifier can be a promising solution for a high-quality digital audio power amplifier.

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