Metadata for Audio 25th International AES Conference 17th to 19th June 2004 London UK
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Metadata for Audio

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Watermarking and Copy Protection by Information Hiding in Soundtracks

Tim Jackson, Keith Yates, Francis Li
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK

In this paper digital audio watermarking techniques are reviewed and categorized. Applications of watermarking schemes are discussed, and their capabilities and limitations clarified in the context of audio copyright management and copy protection. Traditional watermarking schemes embed hidden signatures in soundtracks and are found to be effective in ownership authentication and copyright management. Nevertheless, they do not prevent unauthorized copying unless dedicated watermark detectors are added to the recording devices. Purpose-chosen hidden signals are known to interfere with some recording devices, for example, magnetic tape recorders, offering a potential solution to copy protection. It is therefore reasonable to postulate that watermarking techniques could be extended to the general audio copy protection without the resort to dedicated detectors.

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