Metadata for Audio 25th International AES Conference 17th to 19th June 2004 London UK
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Metadata for Audio

Paper CD7-1

Audio Metadata in Radio Broadcasting

Shigeru Aoki1, Masahito Kawamori2
1TokyoFM Broadcasting, Tokyo, Japan
2NTT, Tokyo, Japan

Generally an audio sequence or program is produced by DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and delivered as a digital audio file. However, the descriptive data of the audio program, such as the cue sheet of the radio program, is transferred apart from the audio file. The content descriptive data is commonly known as metadata. The most effective method to transfer the audio data and the metadata is to embed those as one digital file that an audio player plays and offer the description of that audio sequence simultaneously. This paper describes the format and scheme of the audio file with metadata.

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