Metadata for Audio 25th International AES Conference 17th to 19th June 2004 London UK
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Metadata for Audio

Paper CD3-3

A 3-D Audio Scene Description Scheme Based on XML

Guillaume Potard, Ian Burnett
University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia

An object-oriented schema for describing time-varying 3-D audio scenes is proposed. The creation of this schema was motivated by the fact that current virtual reality description schemes (VRLM,X3D) have only basic 3-D audio description capabilities In contrast, MPEG-4 AudioBIFs has advanced 3-D audio features but is not designed as a metadata language. MPEG-4 BIFs is particularly targeted as a binary scene description language for scene rendering purposes only. Our proposed 3-D audio scene description schema features state of the art 3-D audio description capabilities while being usable both as a metadata scheme for describing 3-D audio content (for example, 5.1 or Ambisonics B-format) and as a format for scene rendering.

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