Metadata for Audio 25th International AES Conference 17th to 19th June 2004 London UK
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Paper CD3-2

MPEG 21: What and Why

Jan Bormans1 and Kate Grant2
1IMEC, Leuven, Belgium
2Nine Tiles, Cambridge, UK

The MPEG-21 vision is to define a multimedia framework to enable transparent and augmented use of multimedia resources across a wide range of networks and devices used by different communities. The technical report "Vision, Technologies and Strategy" describes the two basic building blocks: the definition of a fundamental unit of distribution and transaction (the Digital Item) and the concept of Users interacting with Digital Items. The Digital Items can be considered the "what" of the Multimedia Framework (e.g., a video collection, a music album) and the Users can be considered the "who" of the Multimedia Framework. MPEG-21 is developing a number of specifications enabling the integration of components and standards to facilitate harmonisation of 'technologies' for the creation, modification, management, transport, manipulation, distribution, and consumption of Digital Items. This presentation will explain the relationship of the different MPEG-21 specifications by describing a detailed use-case scenario.

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