Metadata for Audio 25th International AES Conference 17th to 19th June 2004 London UK
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Metadata for Audio

Paper CD1-1

Data Model for Audio/Video Production

A. Ebner
IRT, Munich, Germany

When changing from traditional production systems to IT-based production systems the introduction and usage of metadata is unavoidable. Direct access of the information stored in IT-based systems is not possible. Descriptive and structural metadata are the enablers to have proper access of selected material. Metadata does not focus on descriptive information about the content only. It describes the usage of the material, the structure of a program, handling processes, relevant information, delivery information about properties, and storage of information. The basis to achieve a complete collection of metadata is a detailed analysis of a broadcaster's production processes and usage cases. A logical data model expresses the relationship between the information and is the foundation for implementations that enable a controlled exchange and storage of metadata.

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