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AES 21st International Conference
Architectural Acoustics & Sound Reinforcement
St. Petersburg, Russia, June 1-3, 2002

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Recent developments in digital signal processing have lead to new approaches for architectural acoustics and sound reinforcement systems. Solving the complex problems of sound image simulation, transmission, and reproduction requires familiarity with numerous audio techniques: simulation, auralization, adaptive digital signal processing, analysis of subjective criteria of audio-visual images, perception, features of transferring and recording three-dimensional images, equipment characteristics, and evaluation. The AES 21st International Conference will cover all of these topics.


The AES 21st International Conference on Architectural Acoustics & Sound Reinforcement will be the first AES event ever held in Russia. The conference will be held on 1-3 June 2002 at the Moscow Hotel in St. Petersburg. The conference will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of cutting-edge technology and current thought in the fields of architectural acoustics and sound reinforcement.
Participants are encouraged to arrive in St. Petersburg some days before and to stay some days after the conference, taking into account that pre- and post-conference social events at additional cost are planned.


St. Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire for over 200 years, from 1703-1917. The city is home to five million people and some of the world's most valuable art treasures, and it is truly a work of art itself. St. Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great on a series of islands at the eastern end of the Gulf of Finland and is sometimes known as the "Venice of the North". Its more than 50 museums and 40 theaters ensure that art, ballet, music, and theater lovers will find the metropolis an endless source of cultural enjoyment. Close to 100 state and private universities and institutes as well as many research and development institutes and companies are based in St. Petersburg. Many of these organizations specialize in acoustics and audio technologies. More about St. Petersburg.


Conference chair
Nickolay I. Ivanov
Baltic State Technical University
Telephone: +7 812 1101573
Fax: +7 812 3161559

Scientific Committee chair
Irina A. Aldoshina
St. Petersburg University of Telecommunications
Telephone: +7 812 272 4405
Fax: +7 812 3161559

Papers chair:
Natalia V. Tyurina


Professor N.I. Ivanov, Conference Chair
Baltic State Technical University, P.O.Box 08A9
1, 1st Krasnoarmeyskaya Str.
198005, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
Telephone: +7 812 110 1573, Fax: +7 812 3161559.


Garry Margolis Marshall Buck
Kees Immink Richard Small
Karl-Otto Bader Subir Pramanik
Marina Bosi Soren Bech
Roy Pritts Wielaw Woszczyk
Francis Rumsey Nick Zacharov
W.Klippel A. Czyzewski
Malcolm J. Crocker Ronald Streicher
Nickolay Ivanov Irina Aldoshina
Alexander A. Belousov Alexey Nikiforov
Yuri Kovalgin Konstantin Ershov
Artur Lane Michael Lane
Nina Dvorko Georgy Osipov
Lev Borisov Andrew Akhmatov
Natalia Tyurina  


More than 55 technical papers covering most aspects of Architectural Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement have been submitted for the conference by authors from more than 15 countries. Preliminary schedule of the conference contains 13 paper sessions.


A printed copy and a CD-ROM of the AES 21st International Conference Proceedings with the conference papers will be provided to each participant at registration.


English is the official Conference language.


The conference will be held on 1-3 June 2002 at the Hotel Moscow in St. Petersburg, Russia. Hotel Moscow is located in the end of Nevsky Prospect, the main street of St. Petersburg, next to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery (Lavra), the oldest architectural ensemble of the 18th century. The hotel is situated at the bank of the River Neva, the main waterway of the city. It is located right at the same building as "Alexander Nevsky Square" metro station, as well as close to other public transportation. The hotel is conveniently close to many attractions of the centre of the city every visitor will want to explore.

It is highly recommended to stay in the Hotel Moscow (the venue of the conference). Variety of accommodation possibilities (single and double standard rooms, renovated rooms, suites, and apartments) as well as modern facilities provided in this 3-star hotel will satisfy participants. All conference halls are located at the first floor while rooms are located at the upper floors. Price for a single room in Hotel Moscow is 110 USD per day; for a double room is 140 USD per day; breakfast included. Detailed information about Hotel Moscow is here.

All delegates are recommended to arrange their accommodation as soon as possible. If you wish to make your hotel reservation and book social events now, please, click here. Confirmation of the reservation will be sent to you from the Monomax Ltd., the conference service agent.


Technical tours are planned for the large film studio Lenfilm, the Ice Palace and its advanced sound-reinforcement systems, as well as a tour devoted to the acoustics of old Russian palaces.


Social events and tours will be arranged before, during, and after the conference for participants and accompanying persons to sample the attractions in the city and surrounding areas. For all conference participants a welcome reception, a boat trip, and a banquet are planned.

A wide variety of social events for the days of the conference and other dates are offered at additional cost. You may make your choice and arrange your personal social program now.


Please be informed that any foreing visitor has to get an entry visa from the Russian Embassy or the Consulate. Visa is provided considering the personalized invitation (Voucher).The last one is, in fact, only a supporting document which is to be presented to the Russian Embassy (Consulate) by delegate. The invitation (Voucher) will be sent to a delegate after receiving the personal delegate's passport information (to be mentioned in the invitation (Voucher)). To receive the invitation (Voucher), fill in the visa support form. Please, pay attention that Voucher is NOT the Visa to enter Russia.


June in St. Petersburg is the most beautiful time named "White Nights" when the town is particularly fine. The sun rises around 5 a.m. and sets after 11 p.m. Day temperature is about 20 degrees of Celsius (68 Fahrenheit).


There are flights to St. Petersburg from more than 30 cities in 25 countries. More details of St. Petersburg Airport Pulkovo are here. The Organizing Committee provides participants and accompanying persons by transportation from an airport to hotels and back. Transportation from and to the airport is included in the registration fee of the conference.


Online registration is now available!


Delegates (AES members)
Delegates (non-members)
Authors (AES members)
Authors (non-members)

The conference fee includes a copy of the Proceedings of the AES 21st International Conference on a CD-ROM. It also includes lunches, coffee breaks and admission to a welcome reception, a boat trip, and a banquet. Transportation from and to the airport is included in the registration fee of the conference.

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