AES Worship Sound Academy Program

AES Worship Sound Academy Program

Day 1, March 10


9:00A – 10:00A — Registration and Exhibits


10:00A – 11:00A — Wearing Each Other's Shoes: The Role of Technical Ministry

In modern worship, a team of teams serve the needs of the congregation by working together in harmony through effective communication. The AES Worship Sound Academy begins by defining roles and goals, discussing attitude and focus, defining core knowledge, defining the boundaries of responsibility and setting the stage for the components to be examined across two days.


11:10A – 12:10P — How Sound Moves – Physics Without Math

What are the core concepts you need to understand about sound transmission, acoustics and system optimization? Let’s talk in simple and practical terms about direct and reflected sound, managing reflections, the primacy effect and time alignment of components and cabinets, and other physical issues affecting clarity and intelligibility.


12:10P – 1:25P — Lunch and Exhibits


1:25P – 2:25P — FOH Mixing for Worship

Sound is key to the worship experience, both music and the spoken word. Learn to mix for intelligibility and clarity, the concept of stem mixing, how to incorporate multitrack elements and backing tracks and how to mix for the message and the importance of letting the congregation hear themselves sing.


2:35P – 3:35P — Monitor Mixing – Who Needs to Hear What?

What’s the difference in mixing for wedges vs IEMs? What are the advantages of a quiet stage (hint: indirect sound is not your friend)? What should you know about human hearing and hearing protection? How do you manage personal monitor mixes, and how much control should you give artists? Learn the answers to these questions and more.


3:35P – 4:30P — Break – Exhibits 


4:30P – 5:30P — Reaching Outward – Streaming and Podcasts

From Facebook Live to dedicated streaming services to podcasts, congregations are increasingly sharing their services and message outside the physical walls of houses of worship via the internet. Learn why your FOH mix is NOT a streaming mix, about audio for podcasts and YouTube channels, about recording services and performances, about streaming interfaces and protocols and about the marriage of audio and video.


5:40P – 7:00P — Producing Worship – Special Event

A live performance by touring artists with a veteran production team will be the platform for addressing the concepts of worship production.



Day 2, March 11


9:00A – 10:00A — Registration and Exhibits


10:00A – 11:00A — Microphone (very) Basics – Care, Feeding and Handling

What should you know about microphone types – dynamics vs condensers? Stand mounted vs head-worn vs lavalier vs gooseneck? What is a polar pattern and how can microphone directional characteristics be your friend or enemy? What are the secrets of noise-free mic handling and avoiding feedback? What do you need to teach vocalists about holding and addressing microphones? Build your core microphone knowledge.


11:10A – 12:10A — Panic-Free Wireless – Mics and Monitoring

The radio frequency spectrum traditionally used by wireless microphones and wireless in-ear monitoring is shrinking. What does that mean for your house of worship both legally and operationally? What are your wireless mic technology options? Our practical primer for wireless implementation will address analog vs digital wireless systems, antenna / transmitter / receiver placement, system configuration and battery management.


12:10P – 1:25P — Lunch and Exhibits


1:25P – 2:25P — Productive Rehearsals and Sound Checks

A Wednesday night rehearsal is not just for the performers, it’s also the tech team’s opportunity to train and rehearse their operation and contribution to worship. Learn how to make rehearsals productive along with core concepts like console snapshots, rehearsal recording and virtual soundchecks, team communication (including intercoms and talkback) and directing worship.


2:35P – 3:35P — Audio Networking – AoIP Management

The day of the huge bundle of analog cabling is waning and today’s tech team needs IT prowess alongside their audio chops. Learn the essential concepts of digital audio networking including ethernet wiring fundamentals, IP addresses, DHCP, AoIP network protocols and about full-facility interconnection – distributing audio (and video) within the worship space and campus-wide.


3:35P – 4:30P — Break – Exhibits


4:30P – 5:15P — Anatomy of a Tech Team

There’s far more happening on even an average weekend than the congregation realizes. A walk through the workflow will illustrate the planning and prep required by tech team leaders, including team member scheduling, early arrivals and check lists. Behind the scenes and ongoing are maintenance, training on best practices and assignment of responsibilities up to the creation of task lists and job descriptions. It’s Sunday morning at 9AM, where are you supposed to be?


5:15P – 6:00P — Unanswered Questions Town Hall

This is your opportunity to ask any unanswered questions about what you’ve learned and raise specific issues faced at your house of worship. One last chat for the road.


Program subject to change without notice.