AES New York 2019 Presenter or Author

Paul Mayo

Paul Mayo

Primary Affiliation: University of Maryland - College Park, MD, USA
AES Member Type: Student

Paul Mayo received his Master's of Audio Engineering from Belmont University in 2018. During his graduate studies, Paul worked as the Chief of Repairs & Service for Miktek Microphones, designed nonlinear modeling algorithms for Apogee Electronics, and taught courses on circuit theory, digital signal processing, and songwriting. Currently a Au.D./Ph.D. student at The University of Maryland, Paul works in the Auditory Perception & Modeling laboratory researching signal processing for cochlear implants. His research personal interests include signal processing and nonlinear systems estimation (specifically the modeling of analog audio effects).

Session List

Oct 16: P06: Posters: Audio Signal Processing
Distortion Modeling of Nonlinear Systems Using Ramped-Sines and Lookup Table (Author)

Oct 17: P07: Perception
An Attempt to Elicit Horizontal and Vertical Auditory Precedence Percepts without Pinnae Cues (Author)

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