AES New York 2019
Live Production Stage Session Details

Wednesday, October 16, 11:00 am — 11:45 am (Live Production Stage)

LS01 - TBA


Wednesday, October 16, 1:00 pm — 1:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS02 - Shure Presents: Wireless Workflow Software

RF can be your sound system’s best friend, and its worst enemy. Wireless Workbench 6 is the Shure software solution that keeps the signal on your side, in every environment. In this session, the Shure product team will demonstrate how to remotely monitor and manage every piece of gear connected to your system, calculate and analyze frequencies so you can coordinate the entire show, and track RF data for later review using the Timeline feature. All this from one application. Find out how WWB6 can streamline your workflow so you can operate your wireless with more confidence.


Wednesday, October 16, 2:00 pm — 2:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS03 - MILAN Protocol: Deterministic AV Networks

Tim Boot, Global Brand Strategist, Meyer Sound - Berkeley, CA, USA
Henning Kaltheuner, d&b audiotechnik GmbH - Backnang, Germany
Genio Kronauer, L-Acoustics - Marcoussis, France
Morten Lave, Adamson Systems Engineering

Today, interoperability between devices has become a key element of the AV industry’s value proposition, decreasing the value of isolated individual products and focusing more on an integrated system. The network, which provides connectivity for individual components to work together, now becomes the grid that defines system architectures. The future of AV requires more than just connecting individual products and components together – it requires value and functionality that can only come from deep system integration. However, today planning and handling of networks requires deep IT management skills. This is not what audio and systems engineers signed up for.

Created by Pro AV market leaders in Avnu Alliance, Milan is a standards-based, user-driven deterministic network protocol for professional media, that assures networked AV devices will work together at new levels of convenience, reliability and functionality.

Milan combines the technical benefits of the AVB standard with Pro AV market-defined device requirements at both the network and the application layer for media streams, formats, clocking and redundancy.


Wednesday, October 16, 3:00 pm — 3:45 pm (Live Production Stage)


LS04 - Dante for Live Production, Broadcasting and Recording

Mike Picotte, Producer Engineer Sweetwater Sound - Fort Wayne, IN, USA

Expert Engineer and Installer Mike Picotte will show you Dante Basics and how to avoid common mistakes. He will take a deeper dive into using Dante Control Manager, Virtual Dante Sound Card, Clocking via Dante, Switches, Peripherals that can up your game. Mike will show how to scale and systems from a Club to an Arena, and from multi building Campus to Houses of Worship. You will leave more confident and ready to move into the future of Broadcast, Live, and Recorded digital audio with Dante!


Wednesday, October 16, 4:00 pm — 4:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS05 - Audio Codec Technology for Reliable Transport over Unreliable Networks – IP Audio in Broadcast Applications

IP Audio Codec technology for reliable transport over unreliable networks is a class designed to educate attendees about the world of IP Audio Codecs for Broadcast Applications. This class will give attendees the foundations of IP Audio, IP Audio Transport over a LAN / WAN, as well as the keys to reliable audio transport for Broadcast-Critical applications.

Key topics will include:
· Relationship between network speed, audio compression, and latency
· Choosing the right audio compression algorithm for your given application
· Error correction technology available to insure secure and reliable audio transport
· Key technologies available for broadcasting Dante, MADI, AES 67, AES/EBU using your existing internet connection
· Cost-effective solutions available for Remote Broadcasting, STL, SSL, DVB Audio, and Web Radio

This presentation will look into the advantages each technology has to offer, what they are, where and how they are used, and answer any questions the participants have.


Wednesday, October 16, 5:00 pm — 5:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS06 - Lawo Presents: Mixing Music for TV Broadcast

Josiah Gluck

Josiah Gluck, Emmy-award winning sound engineer, takes a look at the special demands and challenges of mixing live music for broadcast. Josiah will explain the process of creating some of the most iconic and recognizable TV live music shows including Saturday Night Live – and how to turn inspiration into success.

Josiah Gluck just started his 28th season as Co-Music Engineer for "Saturday Night Live." He received an Emmy for his music mixing work on the SNL 40th Anniversary Show. He was previously nominated for an Emmy for music mixing on the 2nd live “30Rock” show broadcast from Studio 8H.

Also recipient of 3 Grammy nominations for engineering, Josiah has been the producer and/or engineer on over 200 CDs for artists such as Karrin Allyson, Kevin Eubanks, Dave Grusin, Diane Schuur, Nnenna Freelon, Curtis Stigers, Patti Austin, B.B. King, Billy Cobham, Dave Stryker. He’s also engineered numerous CDs for USAF Bands all over the country.

Additional television work includes "Night Music," "The Rosie O’Donnell Show," "Late Night with Conan O’Brien," “Last Call with Carson Daly,” and “The Tonight Show” and "Christmas In Rockefeller Center."


Thursday, October 17, 11:00 am — 11:45 am (Live Production Stage)

LS07 - Meyer Sound Presents: M-Noise 101


Thursday, October 17, 12:00 pm — 12:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS08 - DPA Presents: The Hidden Mic for Broadway and Theater Productions


Thursday, October 17, 2:00 pm — 2:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS09 - Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association Panel

Ien DeNio
Sam Kusnetz
Beth Lake
Emma Wilk

A presentation from AES and TSDCA on different working situations for theatre sound designers, from Broadway to off-Broadway to regional to storefront/low budget. The panel consists of Ien DeNio, Sam Kusnetz, Beth Lake, and Emma Wilk, all of whom are working designers and associates in and around New York City. The panelists are also members of TSDCA - the Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association - a national organization working to further the work and concerns of Sound Designers and Composers within the theatrical community.


Thursday, October 17, 3:00 pm — 3:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS10 - Shure Presents: Day in the Life of a RF Coordinator


Thursday, October 17, 4:00 pm — 4:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS11 - Object Based Audio for Musicals – Case Study: Broadway Bounty Hunter

Cody Spencer
Jesse Stevens, L-Acoustics

Sponsored by L Acoustics

Sound Designer Cody Spencer joins the panel for a case study of his work on the recent Joe Iconis musical “Broadway Bounty Hunter.” Spencer chose an object-based approach to the sound design, which allowed for increased clarity, control, and new creative possibilities.


Thursday, October 17, 5:00 pm — 5:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS12 - DiGiCo Presents: Broadway to Black Box Theatre Mixing

Matt Larson, DiGiCo- Group One Limited National Sales Manager - Farmingdale, NY
Lew Mead, AutographA2D Managing Director, NY, USA
Dan Page

Benefits of DiGiCo Theater software and workflow

Brief overview and backstory that illustrates how the pioneering theatre software was conceived and developed by Autograph and DiGiCo.
We will demonstrate the T-Software and how it’s implemented in musical theatre productions. This session will cover an in-depth introduction to all theatre-specific features and how they can be used in the demanding world of theatre sound design and discuss controlling other external systems via the DiGiCo platform via protocols as OSC, GPIO, MIDI and the discuss what the future may bring in Sound Design.

Attendees will leave understanding the additional tools that the T-Software can provide for fast & efficient programing of a simple to complex show.


Friday, October 18, 11:00 am — 11:45 am (Live Production Stage)

LS13 - RF Spectrum Update

Karl Winkler, Lectrosonics - Rio Rancho, NM, USA
Mark Albergo
Ben Escobedo, Shure Market Development & Michael Mason, President of CP Communications
David Missall

We're in it now! The results of the 600 MHz spectrum auction are upon us, as the new owners of the 616-698 MHz range are turning on their services. Join a panel of experts covering these changes, new FCC regulations, and the affects these changes are having on all UHF wireless microphone, intercom, IEM, and IFB users in the core-TV bands.


Friday, October 18, 12:00 pm — 12:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS14 - The 7 Most Common Wireless Mic Mistakes (and What You Can Do about Them)

Karl Winkler, Lectrosonics - Rio Rancho, NM, USA
Christopher Evans, The Benedum Center - Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Jason Glass, Clean Wireless

Anyone who has set up or used a wireless mic system, large or small, has faced many of the same problems. This panel of industry experts will explore the most common issues users bring upon themselves, and provide best practice advice for how to improve your results next time around. The basics of wireless mic technology and how to apply it in the real world will be covered along the way.


Friday, October 18, 1:00 pm — 1:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS15 - Meyer Sound Presents: Live Touring System


Friday, October 18, 2:00 pm — 2:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS16 - Yamaha Presents: Mixing Furry Monsters

Chris Prinzivalli, Sesame Street

Multi Emmy Award winning Chris Prinzivalli, Production Mixer of Sesame Street, speaks about audio techniques for everyone's favorite Street.


Friday, October 18, 3:00 pm — 3:45 pm (Live Production Stage)

LS17 - Large Scale Festival Sound Systems


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