AES Dublin Tutorial T21: What's between Linear Movies and Video Games?

AES Dublin 2019
Tutorial T21

Friday, March 22, 09:00 — 10:00 (Liffey Hall 1)


T21 - What's between Linear Movies and Video Games?

Lidwine Ho, France televisions - Paris, France

360° video is increasingly used in many areas. Broadcasters whose video is the core business cannot ignore it. The question that they have to seize now is: how to reinvent television through new narrative formats without losing their identity and their objectives.

Former television aims to reconstruct reality by editing, recreating emotions with music while the 360° video shows a sequence in which the user can explore the universe. Beyond the technical question of the tools and formats we used, we will explain, step by step what keys we used to build a coherent and immersive sound universe while guiding the user in his axes of vision.

The other question we will consider is: what is the next step? Do we have to build video games to reach our objectives? Is there a place between linear movies and video game for broadcasters? Which tools or standards do we need?

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