AES Dublin Tutorial T10: How to Rate the Maximum Loudspeaker Output SPLmax?

AES Dublin 2019
Tutorial T10

Wednesday, March 20, 16:30 — 18:00 (Liffey Hall 1)

T10 - How to Rate the Maximum Loudspeaker Output SPLmax?

Steven Hutt, Equity Sound Investments - Bloomington, IN, USA
Wolfgang Klippel, Klippel GmbH - Dresden, Germany
Peter Mapp, Peter Mapp Associates - Colchester, Essex, UK
Alexander Voishvillo, JBL/Harman Professional Solutions - Northridge, CA, USA

The new IEC standard IEC 60268-21 defines the maximum sound pressure level SPLmax generated by the audio device under specified condition (broadband stimulus, 1-m distance, on-axis under free-field condition). This value can be rated by the manufacturer according to the particular application under the condition that the device can pass a 100 h test using this stimulus without getting damaged. The SPLmax according to IEC 60268-21 is not only a meaningful characteristic for the end-user, marketing and product development but is also required for calibrating analogue or digital stimuli used for testing modern loudspeaker systems having a wireless input and internal signal processing. The workshop gives an overview on related standards (e.g., CEA 2010) and shows practical ways how to rate a meaningful SPLmax value giving the best sound quality, sufficient reliability, and robustness for the particular application. The methods are demonstrated on passive transducers and active (Bluetooth) speakers.

AES Technical Council This session is presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Loudspeakers and Headphones

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