AES Dublin Tutorial T20: Software Complements Loudspeaker Hardware

AES Dublin 2019
Tutorial T20

Thursday, March 21, 16:30 — 18:00 (Liffey A)

T20 - Software Complements Loudspeaker Hardware

Wolfgang Klippel, Klippel GmbH - Dresden, Germany
Joachim Schlechter, Klippel GmbH - Dresden, Germany

Digital signal processing, amplification, and the electroacoustical conversion converge to one active transducer, providing more sound output at higher quality by using less size, weight, energy, and manufacturing cost. Adaptive nonlinear control technology based on monitoring the electric input current cancels undesired signal distortion, actively protects the transducer against mechanical and electrical overload, and stabilizes the voice coil at the optimum rest position to ensure maximum excursion over product life. This control software opens new degrees of freedom for the passive transducer and system development. The tutorial presents a new design concept that optimizes efficiency and voltage sensitivity while using a minimum of hardware resources. The design steps are illustrated through practical examples using new simulation, measurement, and diagnostic tools that analyze the performance of the audio device with nonlinear control.

AES Technical Council This session is presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Loudspeakers and Headphones

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