AES Dublin Tutorial T02: Dance Music Training—The Unregulated Industry and CPD--Analytical Listening Skills

AES Dublin 2019
Tutorial T02

Wednesday, March 20, 09:45 — 10:45 (Liffey A)

T02 - Dance Music Training—The Unregulated Industry and CPD—Analytical Listening Skills

Alexandra Bartles, Dance Music Production - Manchester, UK
Rick Snoman, Dance Music Production - Manchester, UK

Electronic Dance music has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry but the training remains unregulated. The standards of training material vary greatly, ranging from entertainment to educational. Anyone can set up an online tutorial delivery service and there are no regulations within the industry. This has seen the creation of organizations that have no proven track record. Students find themselves working through a minefield of misinformation, learning and practicing misguided dogmas and not learning how to be innovative but instead how to copy. EMTAS developed a Code of Practice with the help of professionals in the dance music industry.

In this session, we look at the industry and how the code of practice will improve educational standards and help to create a generation of individuals that can produce original electronic dance music. We will then perform an example of continued professional development which is a requirement within the code of practice.

Critical and Analytical Listening (CPD)

The most fundamental skill that all music producers need is the ability to listen both critically and analytically. While there are numerous blogs and software programs, and phone apps, teaching us how to critically listen. Little information is given on how to listen with an analytical ear. Yet without analytical listening, we cannot create an emotional connection with our listening audience.

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