AES Dublin Presenters: Tom Parnell

AES Dublin 2019 Presenter or Author

Tom Parnell

Tom Parnell

Primary Affiliation: BBC Research & Development - Salford, UK
AES Member Type: Associate

Tom Parnell is a sound engineer with sixteen years of experience broadcasting music, drama and sport on the BBC’s radio networks. He works on speech programmes, outside broadcasts, radio dramas, and his orchestral and chamber music balances take him to concert halls across the UK. Tom also works on spatial audio developments with BBC Research & Development, including pioneering live binaural streams from the BBC Proms, the sound for the virtual reality fairy-tale, The Turning Forest (which was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival), and supporting in-house binaural/360-Video/VR productions.

Session List

Mar 22: T23: Live Production of Binaural Mixes of Classical Music Concerts (Presenter)

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